Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Please excuse my absence

Today was crazy busy!!!
Tomorrow will be even worse.
No tuesday tip day today. Excuse my absence.
I will be sure to make up for it next week. The wedding brings lots and lots of things to do. I will return this weekend!!
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Exciting news!

Well, exciting news.....................I'm done with Math!! (Tricked ya huh!)
I am finally done with Math and passed with an.....
Wow! what a relief to have that done! I have been in math for 8 weeks and am finally done. I am still in Anatomy but only have 2 more weeks!

Its been quite crazy because my mind is starting to think in science. I lay in bed and think about every muscle and bone and what they are doing at that exact point. I see people and try and pick out which bones they are moving as they talk or walk. I see everyday things outside and they begin to look like a tissue in my head. Lets just say, its getting a little out of control!!!!!! Now I believe it when people say they start thinking in spanish is when they actually get the language. I'm to that point and I actually love it! I feel like I am getting a lot smarter, its fun! Anywho yes school is going well...2 weeks to go and I will be one happy girl!

On a lighter note..3 days until my mama gets married. CRAZY!! I can't believe it's already here! Wedding plans are always crazy but we are getting things together. I am still deciding on my outfit to wear but kinda gotta figure it out soon because its only 3 days away right..! But hey I'm a Crum and we like to do things last minute!
Things are busy our way so when the wedding and school are over I will be a dedicated blogger. Promise.
So this weekend brought lots of fun! Recap on it all for you!

We celebrated Easton's birthday! We had a pool party for him and played on Lindsay's giant blow up slide! The kids had a blast and it was fun to be with all my kiddos! (nothing better!)

We had a girls night out. My sisters got babysitters (thank you Liz!) and we went to the happiest place in Arizona. (Thats what my mom likes to call it!) The happiest place in Arizona = Scottsdale Mall. Isn't that place the greatest?! It has everything!! It's pretty much my families Disneyland :) Well I had some great buys! Then me and my sister Alli went and stayed in a hotel for the night! I love my sister! I now introduce you to my purchases over the weekend--

(I don't know what my fetish with bags is lately, ha!)
I went and supported my boo at her competition. It was a body building competition but she was competing in the bikini competition. She has got the most rockin bod i've ever seen! She placed 2nd at her competition! See for yourself!

I woke up not feelin so good. I have a cold and everything in the room is just spinning in my head. Yet I still managed to..
-Study, study,study
-Clean out my closest! I about had it! I was trying to put away some clothes and nothing fit in my closest. I went and grabbed a garbage bag and started just taking down all my shirts in my closest. It was kinda like road rage. I just couldn't stand for my closet to be the way it was anymore. I was throwin clothes away and getting rid of anything I hadn't worn in the past year even if it was cute. I will prob wake up tomorrow asking myself what the heck I thinking getting rid of some of the stuff that I did, but for now I feel great!! This is what I came out with..

Chucking my clothes in a pile to get rid of.
Hangers galore. Wow wire hangers bug so bad!!
3 garbage bags later!

You then get this. Color coordinated closet for my shirts. Now that I have room, I must go shopping to fill it up!!(ps these are all on nice plastic hangers. Whoever invented wire hangers needs to get a beatin from me!)

We then celebrated my sister Alli's birthday! Happy birthday sister!!!!

Now I am sitting here typing and should be studying. Soooo here I go. More studying for me. I love summer school. So much. But really, I do.

Quite convincing I know.

What a weekend it was! I feel like I accomplished a lot! This week has plenty more adventures to bring. Stay tuned for tuesday tip day and then a recap on my mama's wedding! Ah!

Have a wonderful week

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Tip #8

Sorry for the delay. As you know life has been crazy with school and also my mom getting married on the 28th. Ah! Sisters are in town and so not much time for anything these days but preparing for the wedding and getting done with school.

Butttt today I bring you a fabulous tip. Even if you don't need it now, you will eventually. This happens to the best of us so takes close notes!!
Today I bring you with, Summer Tip #8.
(Thank you to my bigger sis Mandi who gave me this wonderful tip!! Love you sister!)

--Have you ever dropped your favorite eyeshadow to have it fall and brake into pieces?? Your devastated because your beautiful new eye shadow is now broken right in front of your eyes. Well we have a solution to fix all your problems.

1.Take your eyeshadow and break it into smaller pieces, making it like dust.

2. Mix 2-3 drops of 90% isopropyl alchohol with the eyeshadow

3. Take a toothpick and stir it all around, making it look like mud. You dont want it soupy, kinda of paste like.

4. If you are using a MAC eyeshadow a quarter will fit perfectly inside of the container. After the eye shadow is mixed, place the quarter on top of the shadow to make it nice and flat.

5. Remove the quarter and walk away! Put it in a room where a fan is and allow it to dry. 3-4 hours later, magic has happened! Your broken shadow is now back to a solid form.

Its amazing!!!! You will have all sorts of shadows back from the dead. From now on dont throw those broken shadows away. I've never done it with blush , but I'm sure it will work all the same!

Have a fabulous week! I know I will. (Pics to follow my weekend)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tune in tomorrow!!

Crazy day. Barely had time to breathe.
Woke up.
School all day.
Met up with sisters at the mall.
Went to a shower for my mama.
Now home and studying my brains out.
I didn't forget about you tho!
Tune in tomorrow for this weeks Tuesday Tip Day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Tip #7

Thing have been crazy lately. I feel like I barely have time to even breathe. I am in summer school taking Math and Anatomy. Been busy thats for dang sure. Buttt I know it will all be worth it. 3 more weeks and I am done! I just took a test today and feel pretty good about it so I am having a good day! I have been studying my brains out so I hope it all pays off. Wish me luck!
On the other hand, it's Tuesday and what does that mean...?
Yup you got it smarty, its Tuesday Tip Day aka Summer Tip #7.
Today I present you with.....
Fun easy ways to wear your hair this summer!

1. Messy Side Braid

2. Ballerina Bun

3. High Bun

4. Headbands

5. Face Frame Strands

6. Deep Side Part

7. Low Side Pony

8. Wavy loose summer curls

I love them all, as I know will you! I will post pictures of me with each hair-do next Tuesday Tip Day. If you feel so inclined to do the same and post it, I would love to see it!!


**Good News!
5 days till I get to see my sister Niki and girlie!
7 days till I get to see my sister Mandi, Rocco and Presley!
15 days till my mama gets married!
(Yes it will be a party with all us girls, holla!)
24 days till I am out of school!
..The countdown is on, starting...NOW!

Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday. My heart is full today :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Laughing is contagious.

Need a good laugh?

Check this out.

Complementary of this..(Your welcome sisters!!)

Dear youtube,
Thank you for changing my life. You will forever be loved. You make me laugh more then I knew possible. You make my days better. I love your entertainment you bring. The things you come up with amaze me. I will forever love you. Carry on...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Tip #6

Food is always on my mind.
I love ittttt.
A lot actually.
Buuttt I like to eat healthy as well. So I must delight you with something delicious but also nutritious. Mmm hmm you like right? Well I saw this video and these nachos looks so yummy!! Nachos can be very fattening as we all know! But check these babies out!

Summer tip #6
Healthy nachos.
Your welcome.

(My computer wont upload the video directly so you must click on where is says here. Do it, trust meeeeeee!!)

What do ya think?? Looks delic and easy right?!!
Let me know if you try it!


(On the beach baby)
I am home from Cali. It was a blast, I dont wanna be home.
School, school, and more school is what is ahead of me.
But I know it will all be worth it in the end.
Happy Tuesday my lovely bloggers