Saturday, August 28, 2010

2 men I adore.

I am in a missing mode. I learned that it's ok to miss though. I still live for the moment and get excited for what is to come. I am being positive and thats all you can do. I am lucky to be where I am and have the things in my life that I do. I am so appreciative of what I have and love who I am becoming. I must keep my head up and live for who I know I can become. Yet, like I said, I miss my best friends. So much. Oh so much. My 2 best friends to be exact. Life is good tho. My heart is full of love and appreciation.

To my daddy,
Things are hard without you. I miss everything about you. I miss your humor, your smile, your knowledge, your encouragement. Everything imaginable. It is so hard not having you here for big events in my life. Are you proud of the things I am doing in my life? I live to honor your name. Please come visit me while I am sleeping. I would love a nice chat and a big kiss from you :). I may never let you leave me though. What do ya say?! You are and forever will be my best friend. May my husband exemplify you in every aspect. I love you to the sky and back times infinity.
-Your midget

The most amazing man I have ever met in my life.

My sweet elder,
You are out serving the lord. What more could I ask of you? Nothing. Loving the lord is one of the greatest/amazing things you could ask of someone. You do just that. A mission is amazing and I am so grateful for it. You are becoming such an incredible man with a testimony that only continues to grow. I love it. As I read your letters I am amazed by your progress. So much is in store for you and I am lucky to be a part of your life. But, I miss you. I miss you so much. It is so hard being away from you. I will be ok though :). Keep up the amazing work. Until we meet again.
-Your Lex
Gosh he is so handsome I can hardly stand it.

So much is in store for me and I know it. Things are slowly unraveling and I can't wait to see more. I am happy and will make big things happen for myself. Until then, have an awesome rest of the weekend. I know I will! Thank you for all of you who play such a role in my life. I wouldn't be who I am without you.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am back everybody. Sorry for the vaca. Been busy.
Here are a few things I have been up to since my last post...!

I moved. Before.....
I've redecorated!! New bedding is still to come. I am over the pink I had in my room. I am now into the neutral colors: ivory, white, grey. I am also into metal accents! Im lovin it! I'm not all the way done but progress is being made!!
Light and bed: Ikea.

**I went to Utah for a week. Buttt, I forgot my camera at home so no pictures..lame I know. I was bummed.

**I have been assigned to my city for China. I will be going to Bengbu, China. I will be leaving in January with no exact set date yet. I will keep you posted. Can't wait!!!


**I got an A in both math and anatomy for the summer. I have now started school again! Im taking Anatomy 2, Chem, Sociology, and a running class. This semester will definetly keep me busy but I am getting a lot done. I feel accomplished!!

Ohhh yeahhhh!!!

Things have been so busy its like I can't even get a hold of life right now. I am enjoying where I am at though and don't want to waste any time.
Good things are ahead. I can feel it.

Happy weekend my lovlies.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Risen from the dead.

I'm a bum. I havent posted in over a week.
No excuses tho.
Yes, I just finished school.
Yes, I have moved my ENTIRE house in 3 days and have been trying to organize and redecorate. (Pics to come!)
Yet again I know that is no excuse. Forgive me?
In other words, I have been slacking majorly, got caught up in other things, and completely forgot about the blog world and didn't have a huge desire to post.
I do miss it though and will return from the dead soon.
I'm in Utah for the week but will return faithfully soon.

"Life must never be about excuses. Live up to what you did and move on."

Love this. See you all soon. Very very soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simply delicious.

Im feeling domestic lately.
Being home alone is the best. Things stay neat and tidy and I love it.
I want everything in perfect order.
I am feeling very motherly as well. Here is what I did today...
I made a little piece of heaven! It is friekin ridiculous how good they are.
They taste like the little chippers from Paradise bakery.
I bring you, chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Recipe here

Getting down while cooking!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5- Final product

I feel like such a little baker!! They turned out perfect!!
Chewy and delicious and so dang easy!! Try them!!
Also this is what I am getting into.

It's so much fun!! Im gunna get really good and will be ready to play all of you and beat you. Whose in?? Be prepared.
Until then I've gotta work on my skills, its a little embarrassing right now not gunna lie. But just you wait suckers.


Last day of school tomorrow. Studying my brains out.

I will get an A in Anatomy.
Bring it oooooonnnnnnn.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Tip #9 Holla!

What a weekend it has been! It has been so stinkin busy but finally has slowed down a bit. Thank goodness! Mom's wedding went great!! She looked stunning and was so happy. It was so fun to see her giddy and excited with Reed. They are now on their honeymoon is hawaii and loving life. Here are a few pics from the wedding..

Me with my beautiful sisters and mama

Mom and Reed

It was so fun to be with my family for the entire week. I truly think there is nothing better then family!!
The wedding was one HOT day but it couldn't have been any better! Lots of change will now happen, but I am ready for it. It definitely scares me in more ways then one but then again, why fear something you dont even know. I'm looking at life as an adventure. Bring it on!


As for today, is is Tuesday Tip Day which brings me to
Summer Tip #9...

1. Make your bed every morning as soon as you wake up.
Idk about you guys, but when my bed is made it makes me feel like my room is much cleaner. It also makes me want to maintain a clean room. My tip to all of you is to make your bed every single morning as you wake up. Get out of bed and instantly make it. It will call for a better morning, making you feel somewhat accomplished and will also help you sleep better. Don't you sleep better when you slip into a tight-sheeted, cold, freshly made bed? Yeah so do I! Try it! Make your bed people!!

2. When cleaning, wear tennis shoes.
I have heard it before and am a firm believer of this, but wearing shoes while cleaning will help you to stay focused on your job. Tennis shoes create some type of motivation. Usually when you wear tennis shoes you are getting ready to lock in and go workout of some kind. Well, if you are cleaning your home put those shoes on and get to work. I promise you it helps!! It's pretty crazy how just wearing shoes can help you to focus better on your job. Try it!! I did just that and look what I accomplished..

I had such a cute head and footboard but it excuse the bed sitting on just the frame and being help up by a harry potter book. You do what you gotta do!! Haha! But super clean eh?!

Nice and neat bathroom!
Sometimes the littles things make the best touches. Love, love, love this quote. Perfect way to start each day. Add a sweet touch like this somewhere around your house that you will see often.

...A clean house!!! I feel so satisfied! When I put my shoes on I get into a certain mood and want the house spotless. I am now typing to you in a clean house with pillows in perfect place and vacuum lines in the carpet. (My pictures were trying to prove that point) Mmm, nothing better then a clean house! So inviting and stress free!!

3. Convert to apple.
Once you go apple you never go back. Apple is the best thing that has happened to me. Enough said. Switch over to greatness. Best advice I can give you.

My life.
Iphone + Macbook + Bubblegum = PURE JOY!!

Thats all for today.
Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Ps- 2 more days of school. Ahhhhh!!! :)