Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Tip #7

Thing have been crazy lately. I feel like I barely have time to even breathe. I am in summer school taking Math and Anatomy. Been busy thats for dang sure. Buttt I know it will all be worth it. 3 more weeks and I am done! I just took a test today and feel pretty good about it so I am having a good day! I have been studying my brains out so I hope it all pays off. Wish me luck!
On the other hand, it's Tuesday and what does that mean...?
Yup you got it smarty, its Tuesday Tip Day aka Summer Tip #7.
Today I present you with.....
Fun easy ways to wear your hair this summer!

1. Messy Side Braid

2. Ballerina Bun

3. High Bun

4. Headbands

5. Face Frame Strands

6. Deep Side Part

7. Low Side Pony

8. Wavy loose summer curls

I love them all, as I know will you! I will post pictures of me with each hair-do next Tuesday Tip Day. If you feel so inclined to do the same and post it, I would love to see it!!


**Good News!
5 days till I get to see my sister Niki and girlie!
7 days till I get to see my sister Mandi, Rocco and Presley!
15 days till my mama gets married!
(Yes it will be a party with all us girls, holla!)
24 days till I am out of school!
..The countdown is on, starting...NOW!

Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday. My heart is full today :)


  1. how did i not know your mom was getting married?! my mom must have forgot to inform me of that. she did tell me she was dating someone though. i'm so happy for her! :)

    and thanks for the cute summer hair-do tips! i'm terrible with hair. it's my flaw. i basically straighten it, put it in a very ugly ponytail, or if i'm in a REALLY good mood and have some extra time...i curl it. i'll have to try these...though most of them look best with longer hair. but i love them and i'm going to attempt them!

    good luck with school! i know how you feel...i'm in anatomy and a computers class. a lot of information to cram in a short period of time. you'll do great though!

  2. 5 days holla back! can't wait! miss you!!!!!!

  3. i wish i could pull of those dos. Love you like a fat kid loves cake!

  4. You are missing a very important countdown..... ;)

  5. thanks for these. lately, i've been sporting the braid...but its so freakin hot (as im sure you know) that i just want to chop it all off. talk me down, friend, talk me down.
    great job with school lex! that is so awesome of you. hang in there...almost done.

  6. thanks for the great hair styles! good luck with school! your almost done! hang in there :)

  7. I'M DIGGING THE SIDE BRAID and the messy bun!