Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creating your own life story..

Sometimes life gets hard.

Perspective is key.

All of us need to really stop and see how we are looking at life. If something is bothering you, it is because you are looking at it in a way to allow it to bother you. You have
your own story and everything that happens, you interpret to fit "your story." You are the author to your own story.

For example, you tend to be down on yourself, feeling worthless and not deserving. You had multiple experiences that have caused you to think this way, possibly through peoples words or actions. (Now I am going to get kinda mathmatical but bare with me. It is the only way to help you see it)

People's words and actions (X)
X-Your mom tells you to give away your barbie to the other little girl because she is crying.

Your story(Y)
Y-You are worthless and don't deserve the barbie.

X and Y don't exactly match up. You hear X and transform it into Y.
YOU create what you think it means. Most of the time people didn't imply it to mean the way you took it. You just have your own story of feeling worthless and undeserving so X falls right into Y. YOU caused it to mean that way. YOU changed the meaning to make it fit into Y. Most of the time people aren't looking at you and saying word for word, "You are worthless and deserve nothing!" You just tranformed it into what you thought they meant because it is easier to find evidence to go along with the way you are feeling (Y). Therefore, you have your own story.

We all interpret things and allow little things to get to us. We are human, its natural!! Yet, now is the time to change all of that. Instead of hearing X and letting Y take over, wipe that clean. Change your view. Nothing is wrong with you because you are feeling the way you do. Just simply stop and recognize what you are doing and change your view point. It doesn't mean you have to change who you are and rid yourself of the past. The past is the past and there is no changing it. Just stop now and leave that past behind. Stop carrying that extra baggage with you. Simply
change your view. Free yourself of that hurt that you are creating from "your own story." Good will come if you simply allow it to.

A changed perspective is the answer to life. It will rid yourself of things you have held onto from years previous. Life is all in how we look at it. Perspective is

I feel like a new woman. I am happy. I want such good in life and love that I can actually finally see it due to my perspective. Changing my view has never felt so good.


Just for entertainment watch this :)

And this.

My heart is smiling.
Life is good. Oh so good.

Ps- I am headed to Cali for a girls trip for the 4th. It's gunna be awesome, I cant wait!! I have been in desperate need of a beach, laying out, and bike riding. I will be driving us to Newport..this could be bad. Wish me luck!

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Happy 4th of July everyone!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Tip #5

Well, today has been rough. I woke up throwing up. Blah. Buuuttt I didn't forget about TTD which I have taken deep thought into what tip I wanted to give. I thought about which tip would best fit this Tuesdays Tip Day for all you wonderful bloggers. Well with much thought and research, today I introduce you to....

Foods that will flatten your belly:

Blueberries have been linked to less abdominal fat

2. Asparagus.

Asparagus helps get rid of water weight. We all love that yellow stinky pee right?! (well start to love it because it is good for you!!)

3. Salmon.

Salmon is high in omega-3 which helps aid in good digestion.

4. Watermelon.

Watermelon contains tons of water. By eating watermelon it will help you to pee out much of your water weight.

5. Citrus fruit.

Add lemon to your water or eat a grapefriut for breakfast. It will help aid in your digestion.

1. Popcorn.

Popcorn is a very airy food which can actually pooch out your belly.

2. Dried fruit.

I love dried fruit and is very decieving. It seems healthy because it is fruit just all dried up right? Well dried fruit is very high in fiber but loaded with sugar! Blah.

3. Canned soup.

Although this may be an easy dinner option, it is filled with sodium! There are many more quick and easy recipes that you could pull together rather then grabbing a can of soup.

4. Soy sauce.
As we all know, soy sauce is LOADED with salt. Salt holds onto water weight. By just this, your weight will jump up at least 5 pounds and make you looked bloated. That makes sushi not seem so healthy now does it?

To continue on with more because I know you are all loving this topic :), next I present you with...

Things that increase weight gain:

1. Not enough sleep.
Studies have shown that not enough sleep can disrupt our appetite and hormones which will then slow down our metabolism. Also people tend to eat more when they are tired. When women are deprived of sleep they produce a hormone called ghrelin which makes you want to eat more. We then have a drop in leptin which is a hormone that tells your body to stop when you are full. When you are tired you tend to want junkier food because your body will crave simple carbs such as chocolate, candy, donuts, etc that it can break down for quick energy. Sleep more!! It is the cure-all.

2. Being stressed

The body produces a hormone called cortisol which triggers it to put stored sugar from the liver and muscles into the bloodstream. Insulin levels then rise which stops the fat burning process and tells the body to store the fat for later use. This will cause you to hold onto extra weight that your body is thinking it may need later.

3. Diet soda

Everyone seems to lean toward diet verses regular. It has no calories or carbs or sugars right? Why wouldnt it help with weight loss? Well, studies have shown that diet sodas can increase weight gain. Due to the no calories it has but you being able to taste something sweet, it then causes you to go and eat something to get those calories you are lacking. New research has also shown that artificial sweetners lower your metabolism. Stay aware from it!! Go satisfy your craving of a sweet by eating a yummy cookie. Try and slowly replace those needs by eating fruit. We need those sugars fruit produces anyway. Soda, diet or not, should not be everyones best friend. It should now be your enemy!

Thats all for today. I loved researching about this topic!! Hope you like it just as much as I do. Now let me go and find my place next to the toilet. Oh how I love the flu season.


Jenny Stamos Kovacs
Sean Driesback

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I must win.

Giveaway here.

I want to win.
Really bad.
Really really bad.
Come on pick me me me!!!
Im crossing my fingers and not letting them go until I win!!!!!

Also for kicks, here is a picture to make you smile.
(Mainly for my sisters)

Happy weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ragnar Wasatch Back




Here is how my weekend went down in a nutshell
Wednesday flew to Utah.
Thursday hungout with friends and family.
Friday Ragnar Began
- The race started at 6 am but my van didnt start till 1:00 pm
- 3:00 pm ran my first leg. (Kicked my butt might I add.)
- Our van finished up with our 6 runners and van 1 then began
- Drove to the exchange place and tried to get some sleep. Umm yeah, wasn't quite happening..... :)

(This is what happens when your teammates are trying to sleep and then someone crazy gets unexpected energy!)
- 10:00 my van began running our second leg
- 2:00 am I ran my second leg down a highway in pitch black
while it being 41 degrees outside. Burr!
- 4:30 am our van was done with our second leg and drove to a school to get some sleep where we paid $2.00 to sleep on a gym floor filled with hundreds of runners.
- Slept from 5:30-7:00 am
- 7:30 got on the road again and began our last leg, yipee!
- 1:00 pm ran my last leg of the race
- 4:30 pm team Running4Nie crosses the finish line.

Woah! Thats my experience in a nutshell. It honestly was such a blast, I miss it already. Working hard for something and training for it months in advance takes a lot of time and patience.

There was definietly days where I was so not in the mood to run and just wanted to sit and watch tv for once.

I had days where I put in a 12 hour work day and the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run. Blah.

I would have days where all I wanted to do was eat chocolate and sweets yet knew it would only slow me down.

Yes I am human. We all are!! That negativeness gets in all of our heads time and time again. But the thing I learned is that EVERYTHING we do is in our head. The mind is so powerful it is almost scary to think about. Everything you want and take action of doing comes from your that brain of yours. It is first created by thoughts. You can do absolutly anything you put your mind to. Yes, it may not be easy but you are able to conquor ANYTHING you set out to do. Anything. Enjoy life, reach your greatest potential. Imagine it, and do it.

Being in a van with people you love and know is fun. Yet, knowing you are all working toward the same goal and are wanting each teammate to do just as good as yourself brings you all so much closer. While running, your van follows you. They will drive ahead and then wait for you to pass to make sure your ok and safe. As soon as you pass them they are screaming and cheering for you, giving you that extra strength you need to keep going. The Ragnar made me remember how much I love team work and how it truly should be a quality in our every day life. Everything we do should consist of working together with someone whether it be at work, at school, or even in a relationship. Team work consists of always encouraging others to keep going and to succeed. It really is what life is all about. It is one of Christ greatest attributes.

I miss my team already. I miss my van even more! Being with them for 2 days straight, not leaving eachothers side but to run your leg, makes you so much closer. You create a little family. Also having such a powerful reason to run this race makes it even more sentimental. We ran in honor of the sweet and wonderful, NieNie. What an amazing woman this lady this. I honestly cant even begin to describe how much impact she has had on my life. I am in awe of her courage and strength. We had the privilege of running in honour of Stephanie. Nienie ran this exact race previous to her accident. She knows the intensity of it and the teamwork it entails. All of us in our hearts had Stephanie at the finish line waiting for us to cross. We had a team name and tried to honor it as best as we could. Truly what an experience it was to do it for her.
I love you Mrs. Nielson.

I feel as though words can't describe my experience. I know that sounds super lame because come on now Lex, it was just a measly little race. But really to me it wasn't. It was hard. I am still sore. I didnt sleep for 38 hours and ran almost a marathon in between that time. It takes so much effort and I feel so accomplished for doing it. I loved it. I would do it again in a heart beat. However, I learned so much more during this race then just learning to run. I learned that you must be prepared. Being prepared mentally and physically. Life has so many ups and downs and you must be prepared for it spiritually, emotionally and physically. Always being ready is what we are taught and I have never had such a firm belief of that. In life we must be willing and ready to take on whatever comes our way. Life isn't always fun and great, yet if we want it to be, then it can. It is all in how we look at it.

Attitude creates who we are.

Team work is what life is all about.

Wanting others to succeed defines our character.

Now who is up for a Ragnar in Las Vegas...? :)

Ps to read more in detail about the race go here.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Tip #4

I am becoming rested and back to reality. Sometimes it’s not fun to have to get back in your every day life. Yet, it very well can be refreshing at times.
There is nothing like home. I am feeling a little bit of both.
I am excited to tell you more about the race later this week and give you more details about it so you will all have the drive to want to do one. I highly, highly encourage everyone to do at least one ragnar relay. It is like nothing you can imagine. Its definetly hard work, but so rewarding. I loved it so much. I will get into it later.
Anywho. As for Summer Tip #4 today’s topic is...
(Drum roll please)
Swimsuits for different body types.
We all see it in magazines and hear it on talk shows about what swim suits best fit your figure. Well thanks to glamour, fitness magazine, real beauty, and today’s teen, I am going to enhance your knowledge on the matter and give you something to think about while you are swim suit shopping this season.
So… here we go :)

There are so many different body types: athletic, busty, pear shapes, apple shaped, bottom heavy, top heavy, etc. You name it, someone's got it. So swim suit shopping can be very frustrating for all. The most common problem for women is their thighs, bums, tummy and bust. Most women would prefer to not even get themselves in a swimsuit, but now is the time to change that attitude!! You will only look as good as you feel. If you feel good in an outfit, let that confidnce shine through. Having confidence is key to looking good (might I enhance the word confidence and not cockiness) Lets break it down as to what swim suits fit each body type best.

1. Athletic/ Boyish shape
If you are athletic, better suits for your body type are something with bust enhancing details. Give yourself a feminine side by wearing something that will draw to the feminine features. If you tend to have that boyish straight lined body, bring in the girly side! Add bright colors, cute ruffles, and fun prints.
--Ruffles are great for athletic bodies. It adds interest and can add a touch of feminine
Jcrew- $80.00
--Bikinis can be great for an athletic body because it breaks up the straight line of the torso.
-Triangle bikinis are a good solution as well. It draws the attention more toward
the bust, giving the allusion that there is more to it.
--Gathering on the suit adds for a chic feminine look.

2. Petite
--Wear a suit that has ties on the edges. It will bring out the curves in that area$198.00
--Also a patterned top will help bring attention to the bust, causing you to not seem so young and little.

3. Bigger on Bottom
--The key with a bigger bottom half is to hide the excess “butt-bulge” by covering them up with bold prints or black bottoms.
--Wearing high cut bottoms will give a much better illusion than low cut bottoms.
--Also bottoms with a cute ruffle skirt attached will hide any unwanted thighs comin through. If you tend to have a bigger bottom half, do not wear boy short bottoms. They will triple the size of your buns. Stay away from it. Wear higher cut bottoms to add length to your leg and to also prevent any extra buns peakin through :).
--If a bigger bottom half is your issue, try wearing a tankini, it will actually lengthen you!
--Also look towards going for a V-neck swimsuit. It will draw the attention up giving you a sexier upper body, taking the focus away from the bigger bottom half.

3. Short torso
--A high cut bikini shoes off great legs
--Also an X pattern of some sort can lengthen and slender the midsection.

--A brighter color on top of a one piece can draw the eye up to the collar bone, giving the allusion of a longer torso.

4. Long and Lanky
--If you have long features, add ruffles or design to the style of swimsuit. It adds instant curves.
--Adding fringe and frills can create an hour glass shape giving that feminine figure.
--Also add a bright color suit. It is an instant way to say “look at me” especially the color red. It will scream sexayy!!

5. Apple Shaped
--Wear a suit with gathering in the midsection. It will give the allusion of a flatter tummy.

--Also try a suit that has detail along the sides. It will slim the midsection.

6. Got a little stomach pooch?
--A ruffled waste on a suit can be pulled up higher to stuff that pooch into. Go for a retro look that has a high wasted bottom. It can help hide that unwanted area.

--Also look for a suit with vertical lines or eye catching stripes. It will keep the eye moving up and down, causing you to look much thinner. Plus it will help get the attention off the belly.

Michael kors

7. Long Torso
--Stripes can break up that long torso of yours.
--Bold prints on the suit can add to a more curvaceous figure
--Also believe it or not, ties on the sides of your suit can make your torso not look so long. Interesting...

8. Pear Shaped
--Add a brighter color on top. It will make you look thinner all around.

--Also go for a higher cut bottom to add length to your legs!

9. Busty
--A strapless suit can minimize how big your girls are!
--Also a band below the bust helps to give support and not let them hangout so much.
--A V-neck is a great route to go! It will keep the girls safe and secure minimizing the fullness, and still allowing you to show cleavage the classy way.
--Under wire, just like a bra can add much needed support as well.

10. Curvy
--Stay away from the boy short bottoms!! You can find a better alternative that will actually give you coverage and support while still flattening your figure.

miraclesuit-$144.00 (Macys)
--Get a suit with ruffles on top, it will bring out your curves in a good way.
--Small prints on the suit will actually cause you to look smaller. It hides the little things. The small print will blend in together causing the eye to not focus on a certain area.

11. Hour Glass
--Avoid anything that cuts off your midsection. Say goodbye to muffin top ladies!!
--A solid color works great for an hour class shape.

--Also go for a suit that will enhance the tiny waste

And my last tip for today is…

Minimize the look of cellulite on the back of your thighs by spending at least one minute in the shower rubbing your thighs. Boosting circulation to the thigh area can lessen the look of dimples. Aw yeah!! Then, follow it with a self-tanner. Cellulite can be hidden with darker skin. Plus being tan drops instant pounds!

Woah, out of breathe lots of tips today!! Hope this helps.
Happy Tuesday

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm alive

Im alive and doing great.
Well actually I am sore.
More sore then I have ever been, ha!
I had a blast though and am so sad the race is over. I miss my van already...I will tell you more about it later in the week.
I feel so accomplished.
I can't wait for more events to come. There is nothing better then working hard for something and feeling like you put everything you could into it and then succeeding. Life is all about challenges, great or small.
I feel good.
I am happy.
I am so glad I survived.
Way to go Running4Nie!!

I will give you more details about the race later this week. As for now, stay tuned for Tuesday Tip Day coming up this Tuesday. I missed all you bloggers this weekend. Don't worry, you weren't forgotten :)
Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Will report back on Monday.

I am off to Utah.
Here goes nothing.
Will report back on Monday.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Tip #3

Well. First things first...
I got accepted to China.
I honestly can't wait!! Like for dang excited!!
I will explain more about it later :)
Good things are happening, and I couldn't be more grateful.
When you live right and try hard for things, good things happen to you. I firmly believe that. It is what I am striving for.

As far as Tuesay Tip Day aka Summer Tip #3 here you go:

1.Date nights.

Going on dates is so important in a relationship, you MUST make it a priority. Leaders in the church have said even married couples must make the time to go out on a date. It is essential. Going on dates helps to strengthen the relationship. Whether you are just starting out dating or whether you have been married for 50 years, date nights are crucial. I hear all the time of couples who dont have the time to go out with their spouse because they are so busy with their children or have things they need to get done. Stop justifying. Make it a priority. It will strengthen a relationship more then you realize. As far as fun date ideas, even if your married, bring out the young side. Make it fun and new. Everyone makes marriage seem boring and old. Be fun and exciting!! Pretend it is the beginning and you are just starting out. Here is a fun date ideas for young teens or even married adults.

--Rent/borrow a vespa and go ride around tempe town lake.
Or if you arent able to get ahold of one, just take bikes. I have beach cruisers you can even borrow if you are in need of one!

After cruising around tempe town lake, stop for a treat at this delicious new shop called "Cookies on Mill" which is located between 5th and 6th street down Mill Ave. (If you know where Urban Outfitters or American Apparel is, it is on the same side as American Apparel)

Many of you have probably heard of the concept but what it is, is there are several different cookies to choose from (all homeade) and also several different types of ice cream. You choose which yummy warm cookie you would like to delight yourself with
and then you choose which ice cream you want to combine it with. You are then treated with a delicious homeade ice cream sandwich!!

Fun, right?

2. Movies and dinner are great and fun, but change it up a little! Another fun date idea is to go to your favorite Mexican restuarant and eat delicious greasy food. It will set the mood for the night because your next step will be to take a dance lesson with a professional dancer teacher!! Go take a fun salsa, ballroom, swing,or country dance class. Bring out the fun side of you that doesn't always get to come out anymore. Be young and alive! Revive your marriage. Or experience something different if you aren't married. I think this date calls for something totally fun and different.
Try it!

Look into trying it at:

1.Dance Fix Studios- (only 20 dollars for 2-30 minute sessions)

2.Arthur Murray- (Offering private lesson free)

3.Fred Astaire Dance Studios-(Offering a free dance lesson also!)

Treat yourself to something fun. It is time to step out of normal life, and make a date night a priority. See what difference it brings in your marriage. Or if you arent married like myself, go do something fun that you will always remember. It is time to again, just be YOU.

Tip #2
It is mosquito season. Wear insect repellent.

Enough said.

Also I am headed to Utah on Wednesday.
Ragnar Wasatch Back, here we come!!
Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat. (x3)
Bring it on.

Overwhelmed with appreciation.

I have been overwhelmed lately.
Overwhelmed with people.
People who inspire me to want such goodness in my life.
I am overwhelmed of appreciation to the influence they have on me.
I sit here and am so grateful for the things I have in my life. I feel as though lately I have been able to open my heart and mind and see the greater perspective in life. I know what I want in life and am ready to do whatever it takes to get there. I truly believe life is what we make of it. People come into our lives for a reason. I believe nothing just "happens" but that the lord has a hand in all things.

I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life who help me try and reach my greatest potential. I feel inspired everyday because of the good people I am surrounded by. Friends and family are who pull me through when times get rough. Not only that but these sweet babies have some of the greatest impact on my life. They are my everything.

They are there to keep me happy and who make life an adventure.
Gordon B. Hinckley has a quote that I love and try and live by. It says,

"In all of living have much fun
and laughter.
Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured."

I love that. So much in fact that I have that quote framed and in my bathroom so that I see it daily. Yes life is hard, but make the most of it. Not only endure it but enjoy it.

Choose the people in your life who bring you up. A true friend is someone who will make you want to become better. Life is about growing and becoming what you can be. I firmly believe that. I am and will forever be grateful for the people in my life who help shape me into who I am. Stop and think about your life and really figure out who makes an impact on it... Run with that. Be who you can be. We need to stop worrying about the little things and run with who we are and what we want with nothing holding us back. If we want to be happy, be. Attitude is everything. Anything can be as great as you want it to be. Make the most of what you have and appreciate the people who are in it. Live NOW and prepare to become what we want to be tomorrow.
Happy Monday everyone.
Be that friend that you so badly wish you had.

I am especially grateful for the inspiration this sweet lady gives me.
I watch this and am in awe of her courage and strength.
May we all be like her in some small way.