Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nothing ever goes unnoticed..

Service- noun- an act of helpful activity; help; aid; To do someone a service

To me this sounds all nice and sweet but really what does service mean..?

Is it simply just doing something nice for someone just to make yourself look better?

Do you do it to feel good about yourself?

Do we do service because we know we are supposed to?

Or do you do it because genuenly you love to make people happy?

Do you want to be recognized for your service?

To me I find some of the greatest joy by doing simple acts of kindness for people. You may never know when you are effecting someone's day.

When you are on the recieving end of service, there is nothing greater then feeling important and that people care about you. Not only on the recieving end but also giving service is one of the best feelings. When you know you have effected someone's day it gives you a feeling of importance.

Sometimes recieving service isn't always the easiest thing. You may have a little bit of pride and think that you don't need the service that people are willing to offer for you. You may think you can do it on your own and that "YOU" aren't someone who needs help.

I believe that all of us at some point in time need help. Lets face it, no one is perfect. We need assistance whether is be something great or small. Not only that but people should be given the opportunity to serve others. You should feel wanted and needed. Life is about being happy and may be by making people's days or feeling loved.

I encourage everyone to give a service to someone in some small way...

Leave a dollar on the ground and let someone else pick it up.

While in traffic let someone into the long line that you have been waiting so long in.

While walking from point A to point B smile at someone.

Text or call someone you haven't talked to in a while and tell them you have been thinking about them.

Send homeade cookies or a delicious treat to a friend and write a sweet note and leave it at their door with no name. (Make sure they know it isn't from someone crazy though.) Let them know that they are loved and deserve something great.

Make this week different.
You never know what people are going through and what may change their day. Don't let people know it is you who does a service for them. Just let them know that they are simply great and deserve everything they want in life.

Life is what we make of it.

May we all someday be like this man..

Read more about his story here.

Also thank you to everyone who has been there for me lately. There is nothing like family and friends who can boost you up when you feel at your lowest. Whether they know it or not, I am extremely grateful and appreciative for all the nice texts and things people have done for me. Not act of kindness is ever too small.
Nothing ever goes unnoticed.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sorry I haven't been on my game with blogging this week. It has been a hard week and pretty much have been in my own world so forgive me for missing a week. I will get myself into reality and start blogging more often!
As of this week Elder Mitchell has gone to the MTC in provo to get ready for San Jose, CA. So happy he can go serve but def not fun on my end.

Also I didn't get into BYU provo. It's ok though. I am in good spirits and believe I didn't get in for a reason and so that makes things easier!

I have a lot ahead of me. There are so many things I want to do and I believe that the Lord has something great in store for me. I am staying positive and being happy! I couldn't do it without the help of my family and friends. They are my strength in everything I do.
As for now I want to go to BYU Hawaii and also go to ecquador to help the orphanages. I want to knock out my credits and work a lot to save money.
Good things are ahead for me and I know it!
I am happy and will make the best of what comes ahead!!
Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh the places my mind goes.

I have been thinking a lot lately. I have caught my mind drifting off into a land where I am 60 years older. I always wonder what it would be like to be old..

Being very fragile.

Not having great health.

Not being able to be as active.

Driving extremely slow on the freeway.

Holding on a conversation that could easily last only 5 minutes, but turning it into a 2 hour long convo.

Having yucky food stuck in my dentures.

Having to wear diapers.

My children having to bathe me.

My look completely changing due to years and sunlight.

Getting wrinkles.

This doesn't sound fun to me...

Being old scares me in a lot of different ways. Just like this picture does.

Me with wrinkles = not good.

But then I watch this...

And can't wait to get old. How adorable are they?!! I love the bum slap they do.

I am excited to grow old with my sweetheart.

I want to have a relationship like no other..

I want to still be crazy in love.


Hold hands.

Never go without saying I love you.

Never wanting to be apart.

Whenever thinking about being old, the picture that comes to mind is being 80 years old and curling up on my husbands lap.
I want that.
True Love.

I look forward to being retired.

I look forward to not shaving my legs anymore because it honestly won't even matter..(Oh wait I already do that :) )

I always told myself I would wear wigs when I am old. One particularly being a fire red bob.I've imagined myself having all sorts of wigs, one for each occasion. :)

I look forward to sleeping in all morning and then waking up and doing whatever I want.

I look forward to raising a family and having all my grandchildren over in my large clean home I have worked so hard to have.

I look forward to going to lunch with all my sisters and talking about our childhood.

And I also think of this incredible man.

Grandpa Crum
Oh how I love him so much. He is old and it is what I love. He is such a good, sweet man. The greatness comes from years of integrity.

I look forward to the years of experience I will gain, making me wise beyond my years.

I will actually look forward to getting wrinkles. For they will be lines of character marks showing all I have endured.

Most importantly,I look forward to reaching my greatest potential in life and being happy with who I am.

Oh the places my mind goes....

Until then, I will enjoy just being young and happy!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the winner is....

And the winner to the game "Are you smarter then your blogging friends" is..............

(If you couldn't notice, this is Alli's face on my body ha!)

Yep, my sister Alli won!
All of you had wonderful guesses, yet the answer I was looking for was I was wearing the same diamond earrings in all of the pictures!
I told you to examine closely.
Yay Alli!!

In reward you will recieve this cute little diamond earring set from F21.

Yipee!! More games and giveaways to come soon!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are You Smarter Than Your Blogging Friends...?

We are going to play a little game. What we will call this is
"Are you smarter then your blogging friends?"
The goal of this game is to test your abilities of how smart you really are. I know most of you are thinking you are a pretty big deal, so lets just test it out.
What you will do is look at 3 different pictures and decide what all of them have in common. If you believe there is something then you must leave a comment with just ONE explaination of what you believe to be the similiarity.
You hear that?
Just one.

Don't cheat and look at the comments already listed. This is the honor code and I trust you all to try and use your cute little heads to figure it out.

Are you really as smart as you think you are?

The similarity might be so obvious it's like BAM I see it.
Orrrr it may be so challenging for you that your head will start spinning with confusion because you
J u s t Can't S e e It.

So all you smarty pants lets see what you got! Maybe the winner will even recieve something in reward for guessing it correct.
Good Luck!! :)

Example 1

YAY! Correct. You Got it!!
wwooooww check you out!
Yes, a peace sign is the similarity amongst these three pictures.
Good Job!!

So now that you get it, lets see what you've got.
Examine closely.
You will look at these 3 bottom pictures and see what they all have in common with eachother.
These Bottom Three.
What do you find is similar in all 3 of them?
If you think you know what it is, your probably wrong..
There may be similar things in them all but what is the ONE similarity that I am looking for you to find...?
Good Luck. You may need it.

Are we alike??


Keep looking. It is pretty tricky.....

Don't give up, you've got this!!!

Did I stump you???

Hurry go back and look one more time!

Ok Ok let's hear what you think. Cross your fingers your right!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Laughing is Contagious.

I have had a lot of good laughs lately. Don't you love to laugh?
There seriously isn't anything better then laughing so hard you cry.
Or laughing so hard you feel like you just got the best ab workout you've ever had.
Or laughing so hard when you know you aren't supposed to. {I am the worst at this!}

Why is it that when everything is so quiet and lovely, you are literally dying inside and can't keep it in. It's satan trying to make you look like the bad person.

My problem is that when I laugh so hard and try to keep it in, my shoulders start to bounce. I get to laughing so hard that my face turns red and my shoulders are moving out of
c o n t r o l.
Way to be sly about it Lex.

I remember two occasions where this exact incident occured.

1. It was 6th grade and a small group of us had to sing in front of the school. We had just participated in the all state choir so the school thought it would be so great to have us perform.
Bad idea.

The 6 of us got up in front of everyone and began to sing our innocent song we practiced so hard for. One thing led to the other, and with one mistake made we were all messed up. We all could not stop laughing! My face began to turn red. I put my head down so no one could see my face. My shoulders began to bounce uncontrolably and I was a disaster in front of everyoneeee.
And yes I was still on stage supposedly-performing.

Although it was quite an embarrassment, still to this day I think about it. I seriously loved it. Again, nothing better then a great laugh.

2. Sitting in church being reverant and trying to pay attention. I was sitting with my mom and a friend while listening to a lady say the closing prayer. She was so sweet and wanted to give such a great prayer. It was though she had rehersed exactly what she wanted to say. The words she was saying were like nothing I have ever heard. It was simply the most unique prayer. I knew deep down everyone was dying listening to it, but my big mouth had to burst into laughter. This led off like a chain reaction. My mom then started to laugh. Then the friend...
All During the prayer!
I shoved my hand over my mouth and tryed to contain myself. But shoot, it already started so I couldnt control it now. My shoulders were crazy. My face was the most hideous thing you've ever seen because I was laughing so hard. Tears were dripping down my cheeks. Everytime I looked at my mom we both just busted up again.

All of this happiness, while sitting in church during the prayer. Who knew church could be so FUN.
The thing is, I am totally not ashamed of it at all. It rocked. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.

Laughing is one of the healthiest things for you.

So with all this said, I have 2 wonderful videos to play for you that may make your day. I love them so much. I laugh and laugh at them and hope you do too. What a great way to keep your weekend going! So for all the stress this weekend has caused you, here is what will make your day that much better!


My girl Tracayy. Would have posted the actual video but took forevveeerrrr to upload. Click on the links.

Tracy Take 2. Her lovely song.

Ross Sisters Potato Salad. Quite disturbing but helerious. {Thanks Chels!}

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Joys of Life.

So I have sooo busy this week due to tests right before Spring Break. Hollla! I hate when I study really hard for a test and then show up and the teacher puts things on it that she never mentioned would be. Its so great! Butttt I also love working my buns off studying and getting to the class and finishing a test within two minutes of recieving it. Thats true excitement! Oh I love college. But as busy as I am I have still managed to have some fun this
past week. Here is what has been going on recently..

I went and hiked the wind caves. It was actually a ton of fun. I loovee being outdoors and doing anything I can outside. Im into hiking so if anyone knows any good hikes let me know.

My seeesstterrrs. Love these girls with everything in me. I am lucky to say my sisters are truly my best friends. Lindsay and Mandi are missing from the pic but my sisters are simply quite amazing. There is nothing better then family.

This handsome guy will be leaving to serve in the San Jose, CA mission on March 24th. Soo It has been a whole lot of partying on our end..!

There has been a lot on my mind lately. So much will be changing in my life and it scares me a lot. Its hard to look ahead and know what is coming. I'm not quite sure what is worse..knowing something will happen, or being completely surprised. Anyway a lot of sad, happy, funny, stressful things have been happening yet I have found that through all this, it is all about your attitude. We are all in control of how we feel. Yes things may be hard, yet we must just look at it in all the right ways. Everything happens for a reason. If you want to be happy, be. I am scared for what is ahead of me, yet excited to see what is in store for me and can only do this through being positive. I want to be happy, and will!

I have noticed that when I try and be happy that everything seems to be so much better in life. At times I will find myself thinking about how tired and stressed out I am, but clear that thought instantly with the thought of how grateful I am for what I have. I am so lucky to just be alive and healthy and happy. Trials as hard as they are, are only here to make us stronger. So next time something hard comes along, show it whats up and let it only make you stronger. Find something good from it. I find that doing nice things for people brings me some of the greatest joy. Serving others is truly what life is all about.
Life is what we make of it.
Being happy is key to success in life.
Positive attitude is the answer to everything.
I love life. I love who I am. I am Happy.

PS--Fun photo shoot done by this lovely lady. Will posts pics soon..!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


DRUMROLL PLEEAASSEEE........................................

The winner to the awesome new cd of workout madness is...........................................................................











Yes, you see it!! Optimistic Obbsession

(Annnnd yes i spelled optimistic wrong in all of my pictures and they are backwards but just go with it ok?!!!!)

This lovely lady just won the cd that all of you put together!! Here it is..
1. Kids- MGMT
2. Cannibal Queen- Miniature Tigers
3. Cupid Shuffle- Cupid
4. Dance Anthem of the 80's- Regina Spektor
5. Animals- Nickelback
6. Candy- Mandy Moore
7. SOS- Rihanna
8. U Cant Touch This- Mc Hammer
9. You Make my Dreams Come True- Hall and Oats
10. We are the world- Haiti Version
11. Stand Out- A Goody Movie
12. Man Eater- Nelly Furtado
13. Misunderstood- Pink
14. Sleepy Head- Passion Pit
15. We own the SKy- M83

So Mrs. Karla please email me so I can get your address and send you over this fabulous new CD!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

In a nut shell...

Well I have just returned home from a weekend up in P-Town aka Provo. I went with my dearest friend Brooke Webster. What a weekend to remember. Here is a quick look of our trip!

Check me out here !! Do it. Right now.
ANNNDDDD I have officially applied to BYU Provo. Cross your fingers....!!