Sunday, February 13, 2011

Goodmorning to me!

Sooo, i woke up today to bagpipes and chinese music radiating through the halls. I was laying in bed listening to the music thinking to myself, "welcome to China!" It is pretty funny not gunna lie, def a warm welcome to my morning.

Heat is still out but hopefully it will get fixed soon. I slept with a water bottle last night filled with boiling water to warm myself up. It helped a lot!! I slept through the whole night! I think i am starting to adjust to the time, i get so exhausted by the end of the day that i am out cold. It is so cold in my room that i have to stay in one position the whole night to try and keep warm! Hahah ohhh goodie!! I dont tell you this to make you think i am complaining. I think it makes this even more of an experience!! Not gunna lie i hope it gets fixed soon, but it makes it fun to talk about!! When i say it is cold, it doesnt even justify cold. I know i am from AZ where if it is 40 I am freezing my buns off, but when you never have relief and are in the cold constantly, thats when it gets bad!! It is good tho!! This is a blast!!

It is monday morning for me right now, and today we get to go check out where we will be teaching. We are then gunna go into town to see what this city is all about!! I am excited to start exploring!! I met one boy whose name is Brock who is seriously such a sweetheart! He brought me an orange and sat with us at lunch. I think he has a crush on us Americans!! He is adorable, such a sweet little heart!! Everyone is really kind, I seriously feel like royalty here. Everywhere I go people are saying hello and the kids point and wave at us. It is so funny!! We start teaching tomorrow so I think it will be good to start getting into a schedule and start teaching. I got my class and I think it will be a blast!! These sweet little kids melt my heart!

So it is so stinkin funny, the chinese try to translate things into English but it never seems to go as good as hoped. Most everything that is translated is incorrect. Check this out...

This is a poster in our classroom. A published poster...hahahahaah!! So priceless, the funny thing is that this is everywhere haha!! Love it.

I will keep you updated on everything!! As for now I am off to explore the city. Stay tuned for more pictures!! This is going to be one of the greatest experiences I have had, thank you again for all your support!!

xoxo Lex


  1. love love lovvvvve you lex!! i hope you're havin a great day! i'm so excited for you to start teaching tomorrow!! let's skype again soon!

  2. i gotta get skype figured out! I love you sister! I can't stand that you are so cold!