Monday, February 22, 2010

Its what I love

....So I must appologize beforehand because a lot of my posts will be health related because that is my comfort area. That is the field of study I am going to be going is taking over my mind already so who knows what the future holds. I am studying nutrition to try and become a sports nutritionist for professional athletes. What a road I have ahead, but I honestly can't wait. As much as I dread school and tests, there is nothing better then studying hard for a test and acing the baby. Hard work truly does pay off. I love to learn. So with that said be ready for all my crazy ideas and ways of thinking. I will enlighten you all with some health tips to have you be a part of what I do daily!!
Anyways..Have you ever thought about music?
How music seriously is the greatest thing I think has ever been created. I listen to it everywhere I go!
I wake up and always have to be listening to music while I get ready.
I HAVE to listen to music while showering, and if for some odd reason I don't have it playing I will create my own songs (Alli knows how good I am with that :) ) or I even just belt a song so all can hear!..I LOVE to sing in the shower!
While driving to work or school I have music playing.
I have it playing on my phone while I walk from place to place.
And I MUSSSTTT have music playing while I am working out... Which leads me to my topic!

Have you ever sat down and thought about a song that really pumps you up? One that gets you off your feet and makes you just wanna run free? Or a song that makes you want to run harder and faster then before? Or even a song that makes you smile, which in turn makes you do good things because that one song changed your mood?
Well might I say that happens to me all the time!! I LOVE MUSIC!!
While working out I have my top 5 songs that no matter the mood I am in, pumps me up and makes me just go! (Also on my side bar is a music player. Look up these songs so you know exactly what song I am talking about!)

1. Animal- by Nickelback. Totally not my style of music but when I hear this song literally makes me wanna run out the door and never stop! I LOVE IT! I honestly don't even listen to the words so I appologize if it says bad things but the beat rocks! love love love it!

2. Candy- by Mandy Moore. Talk about bringin it back! Whenever the intro comes on it just makes me smile. I hear it and..BAM off I go! Such a cheesy funny song but you just have to love it! The beat isn't even that much of a great running song, but something about the words and tune makes it one of my all time top 3 best workout songs!

3. Blame it on the Boogie- Michael Jackson. I have very fond memories of this song. My friend I went outside one rainy night and did a rain dance. We had motions that we would do down the street while barefoot and screaming this song!! Oh how I love those days! And no I wasnt 10 when I did was last year! hahaha! This is a true example of one dang good song!

4. Party in the USA- by Miley Cyrus. "LEXI NOOO!" is what you are all probably thinking. But as lame Miley may be, I love this song!!! To me it never gets old! I have lost track of the 250 times I heard it on the radio, yet I still love it. What is my problem?! This is a song I listen to while running and just start screamin it. I will be running down brown road raisin my hands and belting the song. I honestly could care less who is watching too and thats no lie! Try dancing while you run. It makes it so much more fun!

5. Cupid Shuffle- by Cupid. This song brings such joy to my life! It is seriously the funnest song ever! I can't sit still while listening to this song! Listen to it and you will know exactly what I mean. Pure happiness!

So you lovely bloggers you, I ask what are your top 2 favorite workout songs? I want to hear it! All of us together are going to create the best workout jam ever!

What I will do is collect every comment I receive with everyones top 2 songs. I will then make a cd of the all the songs together. Then one lucky winner will win the cd by using the generator! The lucky winner must then email me and I will ship them the cd! They will never be able to stop working out because their life will be such happiness due to the cd we create!

Lets hear it ladies..! Top 2 favorite songs.
Can't wait to hear! :)
Have a fabulous week!


  1. Lexi I need to win this CD!!! I have no energy to work out! Maybe this could be the trick. Top two fav songs : I think its called MGMT by the kids... and someone like you by the killers!!! lots of love, love your new blog.

  2. yay! so glad you made a blog i enjoy reading it! hhmm i would have to say Regina Spektor- Dance anthem of the 80's and ... Miniture Tigers-Cannibal queen!

  3. i LOVE this idea! good workout i come!

    two songs that really pump me up are:

    S.O.S. by Rhianna
    U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer

    I don't know what it is about these songs...but they make me want to MOVE.

  4. I want this cd and since we are sisters I hope I get special privelages. But, I would have to say that Feraligious and something from ben folds 5 always does good for me, I try dancing while running and the people at the gym think I'm crazy. Music makes it so much easier.

    I love you and am so proud of your blog, you inspire me!

  5. you make my dreams come true by hall and oates always turns my frown upside down and gets me excited. Hmmm what else, its hard to just think of songs but I will have to say Stand Out from goofy movie!hahaha I love powerline and I wish he was a real artist! Good movie!

  6. (friend of nikis)first off I also love the miley sirus party in the usa song, it is quite catchy. . . my two songs have to be: nelly furtado-man eater & pink- m!ssundaztood (acctually reminds me of niki and jess). Cute blog girly.

  7. umm....I start my workout to a song that goes something like spin my head right round right round like .....ok I think you got it! I hope I win. I need something to push me some more at the gym!

  8. Dang, this is hard. Uhhhm, I like me some M83 ("We Own the SKy") and Passion Pit ("Sleepy Head").

    Have you heard of the Hood INternet? I think you'd like..lotsss.