Monday, March 1, 2010

In a nut shell...

Well I have just returned home from a weekend up in P-Town aka Provo. I went with my dearest friend Brooke Webster. What a weekend to remember. Here is a quick look of our trip!

Check me out here !! Do it. Right now.
ANNNDDDD I have officially applied to BYU Provo. Cross your fingers....!!


  1. good luck!! :)

    looks like you had a fun trip!

  2. you APPLIED TO BYU!?!? FOR REALS??!!? Aw girl im SO SO PROUD OF YOU! P-town is so much fun! Good luck, i hope you get in! If you don't, Chanel and i will just sneak you in! Either way, your commin!

  3. that video was so funny,I needed to laugh! I am happy you applied for BYU, but so sad at the same time, we will have to plan our trips at the same time so we can see eachother. I love you so much!!!!1

  4. oh my lexxxxxx. i love you. hilarious!!! really.

    i am proud of you. crossing my fingers with you. just let me know when to uncross so they don't get crampy.