Sunday, May 30, 2010

Being pure in everything you do.

I was taught by a beautiful cousin of mine recently, awesome principles that really struct me. People can make the biggest influence on you whether they know it or not. My cousin has inspired me and for that I thank and love her.

Lately I have been looking at my life..Looking at where I was, where I am headed, what I want. I finally feel like I am at a time in my life where I am figuring things out. I am finding happiness because I am sincerely striving to get it. It is amazing to see that if you want something bad enough and work hard to get it, the lord will bless you with good. Lately the topic of purity has been brought up. It has been brought up multiple times, causing me to sit back and examine myself and who I am.

I heard the quote,
"Be honest with yourself. Purify your lives so that you are prepared."

I love that! We are in charge of us. We are the ones who make decisions that direct our path, no one else. Being pure doesn't mean just being a good person. It means being honest in thought, action, word, and deeds.

Pure happiness comes with a price. Doing good in life isn't always easy. Heck, this life sure isn't easy! I believe that the stronger we get, the more satan will try to work on us. Life is hard. So so hard. But the reward for overcoming those trials is true happiness.

Pleasure = pain.
Happiness = joy.

There truly is nothing better in life then feeling happy with life and who you are. I look back at my life in junior high and high school. I loved it. But my perspective on life is so much different now. I think the friends that come at that time are there for a reason. Yet, life takes you in so many different directions and people come into your life at certain times, for a reason. When I was in junior high and high school I always tried to be open and friendly to everyone. However, in high school, fitting in was one the biggest things that seemed most important. My friends were my life. There was so many clicks and groups which made things hard to really get to know people. There was always a "popular" group that everyone wanted to be in. But now that I am graduated and trying to put my life in a direction that I want it, my perspective is so much more. When I meet people now, I could care less if they were popular in high school or have a rough past. I feel like I have a love for people because I can see their good. They are who they are NOW, without the pressure of trying to fit it. When I meet someone and can feel how pure they are it makes me want to be around them. It makes me want to surround myself around good uplifting people.

I believe that if we want to be happy that we can. If things are hard and your struggling, change your attitude. If you truly want to be happy then make yourself that way. Choose to see the good in the hardships you endure. We must start living now and make the most of it. There is no room for sitting back and feeling bad for ourselves.. Hardships come to make us better and make us grow into what we want and can become. Run with that. A quote by George Sheehan describes this perfectly..

"There are those of us who are always about to live. We are waiting until things change, until there is more time, until we are less tired, until we get a promotion, until we settle down -- until, until, until. It always seems as if there is some major event that must occur in our lives before we begin living."

Now is the time to examine yourself and decide what you are going to do with yourself. Stop waiting, and make it happen!! Be pure in everything you do, and true happiness will come if you are truly seeking after it.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Happy Memorial Day! Make things happen for yourself. Attitude is everything.

---As you can tell, lots of things going on in the head of littlemisscrum these days.. :)


  1. lexi crum you are a doll. i love your posts! your so precious! keep it up! loves<3

  2. Man, Lex... You are wise beyond your years! I'm glad I found your blog, you're inspiring. What you wrote was exactly what I needed today, thanks :)

  3. Lexi - Nate here. Thanks for the post. It was perfect for today for me. I needed to hear those words. Thank you. Be Happy.

  4. Lex! You are amazing! I absolutely was sent to your blog today and the past week it seems I am drawn to your blog and it has helped uplift me so much! If you ever want a buddy for your weekly temple visits I am game and want to make that priority :)

  5. lex, you should be a motivational speaker. i'm serious.

    love love love you infinity+1!

  6. oh my little lexi you are so wise beyond your years and you always have been! Niki is right you should be a motivational speaker cause you always motivate me! It brings me to tears to think of what an amazing woman you have become! You truly see the good in people and I love that about you. You are so compassionate and care about others feelings. I think that is your greatest strength! You are so willing to serve others and I could go on and on and on. You are one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out!! I love you so much and I don't know what I would do without you! Love you to the sky and back infinity!!!

  7. Loving your thoughts sweetie! Thanks for sharing and give your Mom a big hug and "Congrats" for us! :)

  8. well my sisters couldnt say it any better. I am totally inspried by you and hope and pray daily that my little pres will turn out as amazing as you. I love you and the woman you are, you make me wanna be a better person and that is an amazing quality. I cant wait to come home and hang out with you. You are special and so beautiful and I am so honored to share the same blood as you.

  9. Lexiiii. I'm so touched. I am so so grateful to read this, you are so inspiring! And I honestly cannot thank you enough for Sunday. It was so beautiful and just perfect! Your voice is so glorious, angelic, and piercing to the heart. It really was such a special thing to share the Spirit with you like that. I am so thankful everyday for the people I have in my life and that I get to share sweet little moments like that with them, with you. Words will never be able to express my deep love and appreciation for you in my life. You are the greatest example to me and always will be. I love you forever and ever!!!!!