Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Tip #1

Rule #1....

Do not go to Walmart at midnight..

This is what happens when you go to Walmart with your sister at midnight on a Tuesday night...

Buuuttt I did find some awesome steals. Who knew I could love Wolly World aka Walmart so much! :)
1.Checkered Shirt- $5.00
2. Watch for running- $9.00
3. Adorable one piece suit (designer brand)- $20.00
4. Swim skirt to go over the one piece- $15.00
Overall: Definate success!
Summer Tip #1:
I love them and so should you.
{When paired with the right pieces, stripes can really enhance your figure and keep you looking up-to-date. Designers are now mixing stripes with florals to give it an edgy vintage feel.

For Example...
Anthropologie paired this stripe shirt with a bright floral skirt.
Love it.
If this look doesn't seem to fit you then wear stripes with just one print and match it with a solid. For example, a striped shirt looks great with white pants or jeans. Vertically striped pants or skirts can make you look taller and in style when you wear it with a solid-colored tee. Having stripes on the bottom allows your legs to look longer, giving the allusion of you looking thinner. In addition, horizontal stripes are great on shirts and can help to create a curvacious feminine figure.}

Solid pant with a striped shirt. Mmm Hmm :)

Go treat yourself to something of stripes you lovely bloggers!
ps. Happy Wednesday!
Stay tuned every Tuesday for new summer tips including topics such as beauty secrets, fashion do's and don'ts,make up tips, date ideas etc...
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  1. bahahaha that picture is hilarious!!! and so YOU! i ALMOST bought that swimsuit. it's so super cute! you and your running...i envy you! are ya ready to race??

  2. haha getting there!! Trying to get my last minute training in! Im nervous!!!

  3. love this new feature to your blog lex! i need to go see if the walmart here has that suit!! LOVE it! and i can wear it with my wolly world floppy hat. bonus!

    that pic of you is classic! hahahaha.

  4. ooooh i'm excited for this new blog feature! :)

  5. Oh my goodness Lexi! Thank you so much for being so sweet! I absolutely love YOUR blog! Hope life is good! Love ya!

  6. with you in that cap I am slightly remided of Peter hosting the G-spot which= disturbing. Just kidding, but seriously I feel like I am not always together with fashion and seem to b boring, but according to this post I feel on top of it cuz i just got a cute black and white striped shirt from H&M, and those pants, I might want some. if you need help with your tuesday hot spot I can help. I love you

  7. I love that swimsuit! I've searched high and low for something - who would've thought to try walmart! Thx! :)

  8. Walmart is great huh?? Not as great as Target but it is getting there! What all does that watch do?? I need a watch for running...

  9. Where are those pants from? I love them!