Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simply delicious.

Im feeling domestic lately.
Being home alone is the best. Things stay neat and tidy and I love it.
I want everything in perfect order.
I am feeling very motherly as well. Here is what I did today...
I made a little piece of heaven! It is friekin ridiculous how good they are.
They taste like the little chippers from Paradise bakery.
I bring you, chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Recipe here

Getting down while cooking!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5- Final product

I feel like such a little baker!! They turned out perfect!!
Chewy and delicious and so dang easy!! Try them!!
Also this is what I am getting into.

It's so much fun!! Im gunna get really good and will be ready to play all of you and beat you. Whose in?? Be prepared.
Until then I've gotta work on my skills, its a little embarrassing right now not gunna lie. But just you wait suckers.


Last day of school tomorrow. Studying my brains out.

I will get an A in Anatomy.
Bring it oooooonnnnnnn.



  1. mmm....those cookies look amazing!

  2. thanks for bringing those cookies to me :(

  3. Share your recipe!!!!!!!! Looks yummy!!!!!