Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Here I am!

So I have been MIA for a while.. But suprise, here is am!
I have been up to a whole lot of....you name it!
and yay, even some play!!
Things have been going good for me! Staying busy and shocked at how fast time is flying!!!

The count down has now begun for upcoming events for the next couples months.....
3 weeks until thanksgiving
2 months until my 20th birthday
6 weeks until the semester is over, woohoo!
3 and a half months till I leave for China
Big events are coming up! And oh how I love the holiday season!! Life just seems to come at me, making me be ready for anything that comes my way. Life is hard, but oh so good.

Here is a little taste of things I have been up to..!

Az State Fair!

Lots of thrift store shopping! Here is one find I got that I really like!
This cute little black dress...

1. It came like this....

2. I finished it up like this..!

Was risky business for Halloween. Went to a party and had a blast!!
Broke it down on the dance floor and was workin the night away!! :)

Got a new bedspread! I feel like the pictures doesn't give it justice but when you walk into my room, my bed honestly looks like a piece of heaven. Its like you just wanna run and lay in it and sink into the comfort of this beautifulness! I love it. I am into very neutral colors these days. I want all whites and cremes and grays.
I am loving it.

Here are some other features in my room that I LOVE.

My initial. A for Alexis.
Bought from Urban Outfitters.

My basket of mirrors. Love iiitttt.

Throw from Ikea. It is perfect to add some texture to the bed. I am in love and think you MUST get one too!

This candle honestly makes me feel like the holidays are coming. There is nothing like a spotless room that smells fresh and clean. Oh how i love the holidays...!

Macintosh candle from Domestic Bliss. Also in the glass jar are giant staples found from the one and only...Goodwill!
Ah I love life right about now!

Sorry I have been so lame and haven't posted in a while. At times i feel like i dont even have time to breathe. But life is good. It is so so good. I am enjoying where I am at and excited for my new adventures to come!
Until next time :)
Have a fabulous week!


  1. I love this all Lex!! It is so crazy how fast time is flying. 5 weeks until final exams! Ahhhh. But I am so excited for it and for the holiday season, your birthday!!! 20 years, so crazy huh?!? You're room looks great. and you are so beautiful as always. Love you lots girl!!

  2. I am beyond obsessed with that bedspread. I have been eyeing it for several months now and now your bed just makes me want it even more! One of these days :)