Friday, April 9, 2010

A friendly competetion...

So I have been reminising a lot about the past.
Of fun times I had while in highschool.
As much as I loved highschool, I am glad to be out! One thing that I miss most besides my friends is dances. They were honestly so much fun!!

The funnest part was always getting all dressed up, nails done, lookin fresh!

There was always so much time and preparation that went into planning dances, but in the end all of my dances all turned out so much fun and with memories I will never forget!
I miss it.
I miss doing all of the fun exciting things that made highschool so much fun to remember.
This is times when I wish I was back in high school.
(But not really)

Lets bring it back everyone..

Prom Junior Year
(Sorry the pictures are blurry, IDK what happened!)

Homecoming Senior Year

Winter Formal Senior Year

Redmountain Prom Senior Year

Prom Senior Year

As much as I miss these times, I am excited for new memories to form!

Sooo ladies this is what is gunna go down..
I want you to do a post of your best or worst dress days from a dance. It will be fun to see the difference in everyone's dress,style and appearance from way back when. We all know we felt cool in our dresses but when we look back it can be quite funny right??
After people post some pictures of them at highschool dances we will have a competition that all of YOU will determine has the best highschool dance picture. Don't be shy..Lets see em ladies!
Old dance pictures that will make us all laugh, envy, love, or all of the above.
So here are the rules..

First post about a high school dance. Story, pictures, whatever you choose.

Second leave me a comment so I know you did so.

Third get others to do it so we can make this a good friendly competition

Fourth put up a link that will direct people to my blog so they can know what is going on and what competition we are doing so that they will want to join in on the fun!

Fifth I will bring all of the pictures together and have a vote that all of YOU will vote on.

Sixth the winner will win something verrryyy exciting :)You wont want to miss out. I promise.

We are all waiting!!
xoxo -Lex


  1. im doing this and i will definately win, im not that old but times have changed and i looked ridiculous

  2. i'll have to see if i can find my old dance pics...

  3. This is so funny! I wrote a blog about high school dances in February and my husband said it was ridiculous that I liked them that much. Good to see somebody else loved them too.