Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unexpected adventures.

Do you ever do all of your daily activities and come back to your computer to find some very unexpected treasures on there?

Maybe, ones that consist of cute little ones messing with your computer while you are out for the day??


(Ha, priceless Alli!!!)

Hahaha, Wow I love my kidos!!!Thank you for always making my day!!

(Missing: Avrey, Easton, Rocco, Presley)


  1. soooo cuuuuute! i love it. and i love those kiddos! we are lucky aunties!

  2. we are lucky aunties and savor these moments, one day they are all gonna grow up and be too cool for us. wAhT FUN TIMES

  3. first off the picture of me was for your eyes only!! haha and secondly we seriously do have the cutest kids in our family! I'm not just being biased. They all could be models! I love every single one of them like they were my own. Easton loves all his cousins and gets so excited to play with them. Its always sad when pres and roccs go home cause easton looks all around the house calling rocco's name. Love you so much you are such a great auntie even if easton can be a stinker to you. sorry :( One day you will be his absolute favorite!