Monday, April 19, 2010

Someone for Everyone

So I am still anxiously awaiting your posts about the blast from the past highschool dances. I have seen 2 really good ones that literally made me laugh a lot out loud! Anywho I urge you to play this game, it really is a lot of fun and a good reward will come to whoever gets the most votes. So check it out..NOW!!

Anyways off to my fabulous weekend. I have experienced some things that I never knew existed. I think I live in such a bubble that knowing life beyond my own is quite fascinating yet so odd. "You mean to say Mesa isn't the only thing out there?" Ha yeah people laughed at me too. It is crazy to me that there are so many types of people and there is someone for everyone. How great is that? There is someone out there for EVERYONE and I really think that is awesome!No matter the type of person, race, gender, you can find someone to be your companion. Craazyyy.

Well this weekend made my eyes open much bigger then they were before. I attended the Gay Pride Festival because of my work. I worked a booth where we promoted our business. Not really knowing what I got myself into, I agreed to work and to sell our place. Now lets think about this...The Wright House, a reception center, at a gay pride festival trying to get people interested in getting...married there? Hmm yeah wasn't quite happening. The fact that the law didn't pass for gay marriages made us look like a tool being there. No one wanted to talk to us because they can't get "married" here. It was nothing what we expected it to be.

Well might I also just say it was an eye opener for sure. I never knew things like this really were out there. Me being my little white, straight, mormon girl who is so used to home, work and school in good o'l Mesa town found out that she needs to stop and notice the things all around her, sometime. Wake up Lexi! I was introduced to so many different types of people this weekend that I almost felt like I was living in a movie. It was odd. VERY odd. I found myself in the corner of our booth reading scriptures off of my phone. Ha, yeah that explains it!

Here are a few pictures to show you just a tiny glipse of what I experienced. There was plenty more picture worthy opportunities but not so much blog appropriate. You get what I mean right? Well here you go..

Me in front of the float. Pretty rad right??

Hmm....interesting. Very interesting.

Oh don't even worry. I was given a coursage for being a part of the festival so I had to rock it to try and fit in..

Gay pride for life! Sportin the rainbow babbaayyy! AHH(Close up)

Live performances from Drags! Ow ow!

This is my new friend I made named Cornelious. He became my new boyfriend. Or wait no...wait what is it? Boy..? Girl..? Who knows!

This is totally for real. Hahaha! He was loving the parade! This picture explains my experience there to the T.

All in all on a postive note, the lesson learned is..
It is a great thing that there is someone out there for everyone. No matter the person, gender, race, style, age.

Wow! What a weekend is all I have to say.


  1. i wish i couldve been there with you, you wouldve been so fun!!!!!! it seems like things like that only happen in la , san fran, or new york, but phx, thats so weird. well if anything you got some good laughs.

  2. Lex you've got to remember that even though gays can not legally be married, they still do get married spiritually and they do do it at venues! So this was a smart move on y'all's part I think. They are no different than us. they still want to love and be married. if they can't do it legally they are absolutely doing it spiritually. i know plenty of phenomenal gay couples.

  3. p.s. i am so proud of you for venturing out!