Saturday, September 4, 2010


O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-A-T-E-D is my middle name these days. I am really becoming a clean freak. It's like when I see clutter it makes me sick. I am trying to be very organized and have a place for everything. That is key!
Well here is some of my OCDness coming through...


watches nice and neat in a cute basket.

Inside a drawer...
Make up in one basket. Hair items in the other..:)


All my bracelets in a basket.

Inside the armour. Organized babyyyy!

Inside my dressor. This is my tank top drawer.
I have white, blacks, and colored piles.
Ha i am a joke I know!


So I had a funny experience the other day. Reed and I went to a car place to pick up his car that was being worked on and he needed me to go with him to help. Well I decided to make things interesting so I saw a neck brace laying around the house (who has a neck brace laying around?!) and I decided to wear it out of the house to try and embarrass Reed. Well I looked like a straight tool but it was hilarious. I was getting the stares like you wouldn't believe. Come on people, its a neck brace!! Anyway, it turned out Reed wasn't the one embarrassed..I WAS!! I didn't know if I could go out in public in it. I didn't want anyone to know it was me!! So there you have it, things turned against me and I ended up embarrassing myself. See for yourself....

Lesson learned: Don't go out in public wearing a neck brace, it's embarrassing.
Good times.
Have a great weekend everyone! I will update on mine Monday. :)


  1. Oh lex you wearing that neckbrace is hilarious! reminds me of a time i thought i would be funny and wrap my foot in socks and ace bandages for april fool's day in elementary school... horrible idea. it was the worst day of my life! haha so embarrassing.
    i am so with you on that organization thing! i'm a little frazzled and all over the place right now.. with school and everything settling in. so i need to whip back in shape, reorganize, and decrease my stress level! haha love you girl!! i really really hope i'll be able to see you at school sometime! if not let's do dinner!!!

  2. you are a dork! But thats why I love you! :) You need to come over to my house and help me organize you would throw up at the sight of all my clutter. I need HELP!

  3. haha welcome to my life everything has its EXACT spot haha

  4. I found your blog too! I love that you are brining some organization into the household. Oh and I am sure that Reed was as embarrassed as you were about the neck should have seen him when I met Michelle from the bachelor when we were in California, I freaked out and Reed looked like he wanted to hide, too bad we were all in an ellivator together!
    Your blog is too cute! LOVE it.