Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Are You Smarter Than Your Blogging Friends...?

We are going to play a little game. What we will call this is
"Are you smarter then your blogging friends?"
The goal of this game is to test your abilities of how smart you really are. I know most of you are thinking you are a pretty big deal, so lets just test it out.
What you will do is look at 3 different pictures and decide what all of them have in common. If you believe there is something then you must leave a comment with just ONE explaination of what you believe to be the similiarity.
You hear that?
Just one.

Don't cheat and look at the comments already listed. This is the honor code and I trust you all to try and use your cute little heads to figure it out.

Are you really as smart as you think you are?

The similarity might be so obvious it's like BAM I see it.
Orrrr it may be so challenging for you that your head will start spinning with confusion because you
J u s t Can't S e e It.

So all you smarty pants lets see what you got! Maybe the winner will even recieve something in reward for guessing it correct.
Good Luck!! :)

Example 1

YAY! Correct. You Got it!!
wwooooww check you out!
Yes, a peace sign is the similarity amongst these three pictures.
Good Job!!

So now that you get it, lets see what you've got.
Examine closely.
You will look at these 3 bottom pictures and see what they all have in common with eachother.
These Bottom Three.
What do you find is similar in all 3 of them?
If you think you know what it is, your probably wrong..
There may be similar things in them all but what is the ONE similarity that I am looking for you to find...?
Good Luck. You may need it.

Are we alike??


Keep looking. It is pretty tricky.....

Don't give up, you've got this!!!

Did I stump you???

Hurry go back and look one more time!

Ok Ok let's hear what you think. Cross your fingers your right!



  1. you are in all three pics.
    maybe so?
    very tricky little miss.
    love you.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. my guess is the same diamond earrings you have on in each picture

  4. Lex I love your blog! You're gorgeous!! My guess is that every picture has some of your favorite people in it, or something big may happen or happens to these people in march? I dont know.

  5. well first of all, i'm laughing at rocs pickin his nose.

    second of all, i'm confused. am i supposed to be comparing the three pics to each other? or you to the other people in the separate pics?

    because i noticed that you are smiling the same as the person next to you in each pic. ie. you and chase have closed mouth smiles. you and fuko have open mouth closed teeth smiles and you and avrey have big open mouth pig nose smiles.

  6. Ok I edited it to make it more understandable. good guesses everyone!

  7. That was fun but it was really hard. My guess is that something is always touching your face. The twig, your hair and then your finger. I really thing that Alli is right though.

  8. my guess is that you are with someone you love in all 3 pics!

  9. i dont even have a guess i just want to know

  10. my guess is that you,lexi, is in every picture