Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the winner is....

And the winner to the game "Are you smarter then your blogging friends" is..............

(If you couldn't notice, this is Alli's face on my body ha!)

Yep, my sister Alli won!
All of you had wonderful guesses, yet the answer I was looking for was I was wearing the same diamond earrings in all of the pictures!
I told you to examine closely.
Yay Alli!!

In reward you will recieve this cute little diamond earring set from F21.

Yipee!! More games and giveaways to come soon!


  1. that was fun! that picture of alli's face on your body is funny, it took me a sec to figure out why it looked weird. alli has good eyes to spot that.

  2. hahahaha. that pic is hilar!

    alli is on a winning streak.

    i think i should win something for being clever.

    i'm ready for another contest. that was fun.

  3. i wish my head was on your body for reals! how nice would that be :) I won!! hahahahaha i love winning things!