Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nothing ever goes unnoticed..

Service- noun- an act of helpful activity; help; aid; To do someone a service

To me this sounds all nice and sweet but really what does service mean..?

Is it simply just doing something nice for someone just to make yourself look better?

Do you do it to feel good about yourself?

Do we do service because we know we are supposed to?

Or do you do it because genuenly you love to make people happy?

Do you want to be recognized for your service?

To me I find some of the greatest joy by doing simple acts of kindness for people. You may never know when you are effecting someone's day.

When you are on the recieving end of service, there is nothing greater then feeling important and that people care about you. Not only on the recieving end but also giving service is one of the best feelings. When you know you have effected someone's day it gives you a feeling of importance.

Sometimes recieving service isn't always the easiest thing. You may have a little bit of pride and think that you don't need the service that people are willing to offer for you. You may think you can do it on your own and that "YOU" aren't someone who needs help.

I believe that all of us at some point in time need help. Lets face it, no one is perfect. We need assistance whether is be something great or small. Not only that but people should be given the opportunity to serve others. You should feel wanted and needed. Life is about being happy and may be by making people's days or feeling loved.

I encourage everyone to give a service to someone in some small way...

Leave a dollar on the ground and let someone else pick it up.

While in traffic let someone into the long line that you have been waiting so long in.

While walking from point A to point B smile at someone.

Text or call someone you haven't talked to in a while and tell them you have been thinking about them.

Send homeade cookies or a delicious treat to a friend and write a sweet note and leave it at their door with no name. (Make sure they know it isn't from someone crazy though.) Let them know that they are loved and deserve something great.

Make this week different.
You never know what people are going through and what may change their day. Don't let people know it is you who does a service for them. Just let them know that they are simply great and deserve everything they want in life.

Life is what we make of it.

May we all someday be like this man..

Read more about his story here.

Also thank you to everyone who has been there for me lately. There is nothing like family and friends who can boost you up when you feel at your lowest. Whether they know it or not, I am extremely grateful and appreciative for all the nice texts and things people have done for me. Not act of kindness is ever too small.
Nothing ever goes unnoticed.


  1. love this, lex. thanks for sharing!

  2. Well I am truly inspired to go and do something annonymous for someone! Isn't it true something is better than nothing, no matter how small? Hope you are hanging in there. Everyone I know thinks you are amazing and so do I!

  3. good thoughts lex.

    i'm gonna leave a dollar on the ground for someone to pick up. i like that idea. but i think i'll also write a nice little note on it.