Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh the places my mind goes.

I have been thinking a lot lately. I have caught my mind drifting off into a land where I am 60 years older. I always wonder what it would be like to be old..

Being very fragile.

Not having great health.

Not being able to be as active.

Driving extremely slow on the freeway.

Holding on a conversation that could easily last only 5 minutes, but turning it into a 2 hour long convo.

Having yucky food stuck in my dentures.

Having to wear diapers.

My children having to bathe me.

My look completely changing due to years and sunlight.

Getting wrinkles.

This doesn't sound fun to me...

Being old scares me in a lot of different ways. Just like this picture does.

Me with wrinkles = not good.

But then I watch this...

And can't wait to get old. How adorable are they?!! I love the bum slap they do.

I am excited to grow old with my sweetheart.

I want to have a relationship like no other..

I want to still be crazy in love.


Hold hands.

Never go without saying I love you.

Never wanting to be apart.

Whenever thinking about being old, the picture that comes to mind is being 80 years old and curling up on my husbands lap.
I want that.
True Love.

I look forward to being retired.

I look forward to not shaving my legs anymore because it honestly won't even matter..(Oh wait I already do that :) )

I always told myself I would wear wigs when I am old. One particularly being a fire red bob.I've imagined myself having all sorts of wigs, one for each occasion. :)

I look forward to sleeping in all morning and then waking up and doing whatever I want.

I look forward to raising a family and having all my grandchildren over in my large clean home I have worked so hard to have.

I look forward to going to lunch with all my sisters and talking about our childhood.

And I also think of this incredible man.

Grandpa Crum
Oh how I love him so much. He is old and it is what I love. He is such a good, sweet man. The greatness comes from years of integrity.

I look forward to the years of experience I will gain, making me wise beyond my years.

I will actually look forward to getting wrinkles. For they will be lines of character marks showing all I have endured.

Most importantly,I look forward to reaching my greatest potential in life and being happy with who I am.

Oh the places my mind goes....

Until then, I will enjoy just being young and happy!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. that wrinkly pic of you is pretty scary!

    that video is adorable. it made me grin.

    you're sweet lex.

    and i love grandpa very much also.

    that pic of you and chase is STUNNING!


    and i'm proud to claim ya;)

  2. i LOVE this post!

    and that pic of you and chase is AMAZING!! I love it! :)

    you're gorgeous lex!

  3. lex, I love this! I teared up when i saw grandpa. he is a good man, that's why we have such a good dad. I miss him!
    Growing old is scary, but it will bring happiness too.
    you are beautiful!!!

  4. Lex! Um i love your blog.. this is so cute, YOU are just so cute!! I miss you! You're gorgeous girlll!

  5. Love this Lex!! Who said old people have to wear diapers and wear dentures.. they can have fun and do bum slaps too :) You will be the most spunky little grandma and your grandkids will love it!