Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Joys of Life.

So I have sooo busy this week due to tests right before Spring Break. Hollla! I hate when I study really hard for a test and then show up and the teacher puts things on it that she never mentioned would be. Its so great! Butttt I also love working my buns off studying and getting to the class and finishing a test within two minutes of recieving it. Thats true excitement! Oh I love college. But as busy as I am I have still managed to have some fun this
past week. Here is what has been going on recently..

I went and hiked the wind caves. It was actually a ton of fun. I loovee being outdoors and doing anything I can outside. Im into hiking so if anyone knows any good hikes let me know.

My seeesstterrrs. Love these girls with everything in me. I am lucky to say my sisters are truly my best friends. Lindsay and Mandi are missing from the pic but my sisters are simply quite amazing. There is nothing better then family.

This handsome guy will be leaving to serve in the San Jose, CA mission on March 24th. Soo It has been a whole lot of partying on our end..!

There has been a lot on my mind lately. So much will be changing in my life and it scares me a lot. Its hard to look ahead and know what is coming. I'm not quite sure what is worse..knowing something will happen, or being completely surprised. Anyway a lot of sad, happy, funny, stressful things have been happening yet I have found that through all this, it is all about your attitude. We are all in control of how we feel. Yes things may be hard, yet we must just look at it in all the right ways. Everything happens for a reason. If you want to be happy, be. I am scared for what is ahead of me, yet excited to see what is in store for me and can only do this through being positive. I want to be happy, and will!

I have noticed that when I try and be happy that everything seems to be so much better in life. At times I will find myself thinking about how tired and stressed out I am, but clear that thought instantly with the thought of how grateful I am for what I have. I am so lucky to just be alive and healthy and happy. Trials as hard as they are, are only here to make us stronger. So next time something hard comes along, show it whats up and let it only make you stronger. Find something good from it. I find that doing nice things for people brings me some of the greatest joy. Serving others is truly what life is all about.
Life is what we make of it.
Being happy is key to success in life.
Positive attitude is the answer to everything.
I love life. I love who I am. I am Happy.

PS--Fun photo shoot done by this lovely lady. Will posts pics soon..!


  1. Love the look amazing!!!! As I have said for years, you look just like your Mom! Oh, I think your sisters are great too!

  2. LOve this post. You are so blessed to have all these sisters oh how I always thought your family and the nances would be so fun to grow up in. but i know my family is mine and they are perfect for me:) your post really is amazing:)

  3. Oh I Love you and you are so great at everything you do. Your attitude has always been wonderful and you are ALWAYS so much fun to be around. You will do amazing things with your life, you already have. "Kid you'll move mountains." ;) xoxo

  4. I love this post Lex! way to be positive, happy, and hopeful!!

  5. so true my littlest sister.

    love yooooooou infinity.