Saturday, March 13, 2010

Laughing is Contagious.

I have had a lot of good laughs lately. Don't you love to laugh?
There seriously isn't anything better then laughing so hard you cry.
Or laughing so hard you feel like you just got the best ab workout you've ever had.
Or laughing so hard when you know you aren't supposed to. {I am the worst at this!}

Why is it that when everything is so quiet and lovely, you are literally dying inside and can't keep it in. It's satan trying to make you look like the bad person.

My problem is that when I laugh so hard and try to keep it in, my shoulders start to bounce. I get to laughing so hard that my face turns red and my shoulders are moving out of
c o n t r o l.
Way to be sly about it Lex.

I remember two occasions where this exact incident occured.

1. It was 6th grade and a small group of us had to sing in front of the school. We had just participated in the all state choir so the school thought it would be so great to have us perform.
Bad idea.

The 6 of us got up in front of everyone and began to sing our innocent song we practiced so hard for. One thing led to the other, and with one mistake made we were all messed up. We all could not stop laughing! My face began to turn red. I put my head down so no one could see my face. My shoulders began to bounce uncontrolably and I was a disaster in front of everyoneeee.
And yes I was still on stage supposedly-performing.

Although it was quite an embarrassment, still to this day I think about it. I seriously loved it. Again, nothing better then a great laugh.

2. Sitting in church being reverant and trying to pay attention. I was sitting with my mom and a friend while listening to a lady say the closing prayer. She was so sweet and wanted to give such a great prayer. It was though she had rehersed exactly what she wanted to say. The words she was saying were like nothing I have ever heard. It was simply the most unique prayer. I knew deep down everyone was dying listening to it, but my big mouth had to burst into laughter. This led off like a chain reaction. My mom then started to laugh. Then the friend...
All During the prayer!
I shoved my hand over my mouth and tryed to contain myself. But shoot, it already started so I couldnt control it now. My shoulders were crazy. My face was the most hideous thing you've ever seen because I was laughing so hard. Tears were dripping down my cheeks. Everytime I looked at my mom we both just busted up again.

All of this happiness, while sitting in church during the prayer. Who knew church could be so FUN.
The thing is, I am totally not ashamed of it at all. It rocked. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life.

Laughing is one of the healthiest things for you.

So with all this said, I have 2 wonderful videos to play for you that may make your day. I love them so much. I laugh and laugh at them and hope you do too. What a great way to keep your weekend going! So for all the stress this weekend has caused you, here is what will make your day that much better!


My girl Tracayy. Would have posted the actual video but took forevveeerrrr to upload. Click on the links.

Tracy Take 2. Her lovely song.

Ross Sisters Potato Salad. Quite disturbing but helerious. {Thanks Chels!}


  1. gooooood tiiiiimes.

    i need some lipstick for my crusty crusts.

  2. Oh, you are SO welcome for the Ross Sister link!!! HILARIOUS!!!

  3. I need more of those moments, like everyday. Tracy is sooooo funny!

  4. i love tracy!

    "i don't like people who aren't con-see-da-rit."

    love you girl. and that laughter, is the best kind.

  5. was that me who said the crazy prayer? were you laughing at me lex?

    I laughed pretty hard with Linds and Spencer the other night, you are right, laughing is so much better than crying.

  6. I think an inapropriate sacrament bust up is like an initiation, everybody has to go through it, and they usually end up being the best belly laughs ever!

    I do recall your dear sister Niki doing that same shoulder shake when doing her silent, hard laugh!!:D

    As for Tracy...I need to meet her IMMEDIATELY!! She is great and thank you for linking to her. I think I've watched every video of hers now! lol.
    "goin to the purk to meet peter...caught with a trick named rachel...wut eher wut eher." genius.