Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Tip #4

I am becoming rested and back to reality. Sometimes it’s not fun to have to get back in your every day life. Yet, it very well can be refreshing at times.
There is nothing like home. I am feeling a little bit of both.
I am excited to tell you more about the race later this week and give you more details about it so you will all have the drive to want to do one. I highly, highly encourage everyone to do at least one ragnar relay. It is like nothing you can imagine. Its definetly hard work, but so rewarding. I loved it so much. I will get into it later.
Anywho. As for Summer Tip #4 today’s topic is...
(Drum roll please)
Swimsuits for different body types.
We all see it in magazines and hear it on talk shows about what swim suits best fit your figure. Well thanks to glamour, fitness magazine, real beauty, and today’s teen, I am going to enhance your knowledge on the matter and give you something to think about while you are swim suit shopping this season.
So… here we go :)

There are so many different body types: athletic, busty, pear shapes, apple shaped, bottom heavy, top heavy, etc. You name it, someone's got it. So swim suit shopping can be very frustrating for all. The most common problem for women is their thighs, bums, tummy and bust. Most women would prefer to not even get themselves in a swimsuit, but now is the time to change that attitude!! You will only look as good as you feel. If you feel good in an outfit, let that confidnce shine through. Having confidence is key to looking good (might I enhance the word confidence and not cockiness) Lets break it down as to what swim suits fit each body type best.

1. Athletic/ Boyish shape
If you are athletic, better suits for your body type are something with bust enhancing details. Give yourself a feminine side by wearing something that will draw to the feminine features. If you tend to have that boyish straight lined body, bring in the girly side! Add bright colors, cute ruffles, and fun prints.
--Ruffles are great for athletic bodies. It adds interest and can add a touch of feminine
Jcrew- $80.00
--Bikinis can be great for an athletic body because it breaks up the straight line of the torso.
-Triangle bikinis are a good solution as well. It draws the attention more toward
the bust, giving the allusion that there is more to it.
--Gathering on the suit adds for a chic feminine look.

2. Petite
--Wear a suit that has ties on the edges. It will bring out the curves in that area$198.00
--Also a patterned top will help bring attention to the bust, causing you to not seem so young and little.

3. Bigger on Bottom
--The key with a bigger bottom half is to hide the excess “butt-bulge” by covering them up with bold prints or black bottoms.
--Wearing high cut bottoms will give a much better illusion than low cut bottoms.
--Also bottoms with a cute ruffle skirt attached will hide any unwanted thighs comin through. If you tend to have a bigger bottom half, do not wear boy short bottoms. They will triple the size of your buns. Stay away from it. Wear higher cut bottoms to add length to your leg and to also prevent any extra buns peakin through :).
--If a bigger bottom half is your issue, try wearing a tankini, it will actually lengthen you!
--Also look towards going for a V-neck swimsuit. It will draw the attention up giving you a sexier upper body, taking the focus away from the bigger bottom half.

3. Short torso
--A high cut bikini shoes off great legs
--Also an X pattern of some sort can lengthen and slender the midsection.

--A brighter color on top of a one piece can draw the eye up to the collar bone, giving the allusion of a longer torso.

4. Long and Lanky
--If you have long features, add ruffles or design to the style of swimsuit. It adds instant curves.
--Adding fringe and frills can create an hour glass shape giving that feminine figure.
--Also add a bright color suit. It is an instant way to say “look at me” especially the color red. It will scream sexayy!!

5. Apple Shaped
--Wear a suit with gathering in the midsection. It will give the allusion of a flatter tummy.

--Also try a suit that has detail along the sides. It will slim the midsection.

6. Got a little stomach pooch?
--A ruffled waste on a suit can be pulled up higher to stuff that pooch into. Go for a retro look that has a high wasted bottom. It can help hide that unwanted area.

--Also look for a suit with vertical lines or eye catching stripes. It will keep the eye moving up and down, causing you to look much thinner. Plus it will help get the attention off the belly.

Michael kors

7. Long Torso
--Stripes can break up that long torso of yours.
--Bold prints on the suit can add to a more curvaceous figure
--Also believe it or not, ties on the sides of your suit can make your torso not look so long. Interesting...

8. Pear Shaped
--Add a brighter color on top. It will make you look thinner all around.

--Also go for a higher cut bottom to add length to your legs!

9. Busty
--A strapless suit can minimize how big your girls are!
--Also a band below the bust helps to give support and not let them hangout so much.
--A V-neck is a great route to go! It will keep the girls safe and secure minimizing the fullness, and still allowing you to show cleavage the classy way.
--Under wire, just like a bra can add much needed support as well.

10. Curvy
--Stay away from the boy short bottoms!! You can find a better alternative that will actually give you coverage and support while still flattening your figure.

miraclesuit-$144.00 (Macys)
--Get a suit with ruffles on top, it will bring out your curves in a good way.
--Small prints on the suit will actually cause you to look smaller. It hides the little things. The small print will blend in together causing the eye to not focus on a certain area.

11. Hour Glass
--Avoid anything that cuts off your midsection. Say goodbye to muffin top ladies!!
--A solid color works great for an hour class shape.

--Also go for a suit that will enhance the tiny waste

And my last tip for today is…

Minimize the look of cellulite on the back of your thighs by spending at least one minute in the shower rubbing your thighs. Boosting circulation to the thigh area can lessen the look of dimples. Aw yeah!! Then, follow it with a self-tanner. Cellulite can be hidden with darker skin. Plus being tan drops instant pounds!

Woah, out of breathe lots of tips today!! Hope this helps.
Happy Tuesday


  1. Ooh I like that cellulite tip!

  2. Gah. Girl. Your blog. Amazing. So much fun to read and so helpful!

  3. amazing lex! i love it. the cellulite tip is bomb. and also reminds me that i need to lay out this week. thanks girl! mwah!

  4. Yes Lex I would love to make you something, so whatcha want?? email me at ragstobritches@hotmail

  5. k give me some personal tips when i come down, take me shopping, please!!!

  6. i've been searching for that jcrew suit on the site for 20 minutes to buy it..can't find it. any idea what the style's called?

  7. i love hearing summer tips!! and i agree that cellulite tip is a goody.
    ps that girls name in my pic that you know is Jamie Hansen and her maiden name i think is jennings?

  8. Perfect information and very helpful to me. I always have loved high cut bottoms, and hate boy shorts for myself :) I think women like two pieces a lot because they are trendy and guys like to look at abs. Most women want to be able to wear two pieces because usually, that's what thin women wear. Thanks for showing these great alternatives.