Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Tip #3

Well. First things first...
I got accepted to China.
I honestly can't wait!! Like for dang excited!!
I will explain more about it later :)
Good things are happening, and I couldn't be more grateful.
When you live right and try hard for things, good things happen to you. I firmly believe that. It is what I am striving for.

As far as Tuesay Tip Day aka Summer Tip #3 here you go:

1.Date nights.

Going on dates is so important in a relationship, you MUST make it a priority. Leaders in the church have said even married couples must make the time to go out on a date. It is essential. Going on dates helps to strengthen the relationship. Whether you are just starting out dating or whether you have been married for 50 years, date nights are crucial. I hear all the time of couples who dont have the time to go out with their spouse because they are so busy with their children or have things they need to get done. Stop justifying. Make it a priority. It will strengthen a relationship more then you realize. As far as fun date ideas, even if your married, bring out the young side. Make it fun and new. Everyone makes marriage seem boring and old. Be fun and exciting!! Pretend it is the beginning and you are just starting out. Here is a fun date ideas for young teens or even married adults.

--Rent/borrow a vespa and go ride around tempe town lake.
Or if you arent able to get ahold of one, just take bikes. I have beach cruisers you can even borrow if you are in need of one!

After cruising around tempe town lake, stop for a treat at this delicious new shop called "Cookies on Mill" which is located between 5th and 6th street down Mill Ave. (If you know where Urban Outfitters or American Apparel is, it is on the same side as American Apparel)

Many of you have probably heard of the concept but what it is, is there are several different cookies to choose from (all homeade) and also several different types of ice cream. You choose which yummy warm cookie you would like to delight yourself with
and then you choose which ice cream you want to combine it with. You are then treated with a delicious homeade ice cream sandwich!!

Fun, right?

2. Movies and dinner are great and fun, but change it up a little! Another fun date idea is to go to your favorite Mexican restuarant and eat delicious greasy food. It will set the mood for the night because your next step will be to take a dance lesson with a professional dancer teacher!! Go take a fun salsa, ballroom, swing,or country dance class. Bring out the fun side of you that doesn't always get to come out anymore. Be young and alive! Revive your marriage. Or experience something different if you aren't married. I think this date calls for something totally fun and different.
Try it!

Look into trying it at:

1.Dance Fix Studios- (only 20 dollars for 2-30 minute sessions)

2.Arthur Murray- (Offering private lesson free)

3.Fred Astaire Dance Studios-(Offering a free dance lesson also!)

Treat yourself to something fun. It is time to step out of normal life, and make a date night a priority. See what difference it brings in your marriage. Or if you arent married like myself, go do something fun that you will always remember. It is time to again, just be YOU.

Tip #2
It is mosquito season. Wear insect repellent.

Enough said.

Also I am headed to Utah on Wednesday.
Ragnar Wasatch Back, here we come!!
Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat. (x3)
Bring it on.


  1. Yay date-nights. I'm in love with the cookie place on Mill. The old guy in there knows me by name - needless to say, I win at life ;)

  2. lex! what the heck?! why didn't you call and tell me about china??? i need to know these things before the blogging world. we're still sisters you know... and your legs make me itch all over. i hate mosquito bites! i usually am the one getting eaten up. good luck on your runs! you'll be amazing! miss you.

  3. yay for china!!! i had a feeling when i saw your status on FB! you're going to do amazing. im so excited for you! and im jealous you're heading to utah. it is my favorite place to be in the summer. i am not, however, jealous of the running you will be doing. but you are so great at it!

  4. i wish i was doing ragnar with you . next time! im there!!!! is that your leg? i mite take mike out for dance lessons, thats a good idea. keep the ideas comin, ilove them!

  5. yay for china! my cousin did that and loved it! :) congrats!

    and i really wanna try that cookie place! yum!

    great tips!

  6. Lexi! I just wanted to say hi! I used to work with cute Nikki! I love your blog and fun tips for summer!

  7. i forgive you for not calling me the second you found out about China, and having to find out with the rest of the blog world. I want to eat that ice cream sandwich right now! I am defiantly going to try that place out! Love you! :)

  8. Are you going with ILP?
    Either way, I am SO excited for you! Also, I love your blog more than ever. It makes me happy to read.