Saturday, June 26, 2010

I must win.

Giveaway here.

I want to win.
Really bad.
Really really bad.
Come on pick me me me!!!
Im crossing my fingers and not letting them go until I win!!!!!

Also for kicks, here is a picture to make you smile.
(Mainly for my sisters)

Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. that picture cracks me up! Oh albie what would we do without him?

  2. That made me do more than just smile! I'm laughing out loud! I love that pic! Sooo funny. Ah he's great!

  3. ah-jump! man he has been a part of pur family for so long. you were just a little girl climbing trees when he came around. Remember how dad bathed him in the hotel room and remember when he was hiding in the trees or he thought people were hiding in the trees or the time or times he has told me I was pregnant when I WASNT!!! when he was your roomate well kinda , in the shed anyway, the sad thing was , that was probably the most stable thing he ever had. Iam starting to get teary cuz, I know he loved dad so much.I know he looks out for you guys, isnt amazing how we would be sad if he didnt come around anymore. I hope reed embraces him, cuz he will keep on comin areound