Friday, June 4, 2010

Attention bloggers. Please share the love.

Attention all bloggers.

I have 2 new buttons. So exciting! We are now out with the old and in with the new. Simply copy and paste the code into an html gadget. Thank you for the love. Have a great weekend!! :)

Option 1

Option 1 code
Found on the left sidebar...!

Option 2

Option 2 code
found on the left sidebar...!


  1. those are super cute!!!!
    did you make them???

    love your blog!!!!

  2. I love blog hopping, and i totally came across your blog I don't think you know me but I know one of your sisters! And by the way you should totally teach english in china, i did, thats where i met my husband ;-) and it was a lot of fun! great experience and you won't regret it! I'm not sure how much ILP is but you should check out China Horizons!

  3. dear lexi, i am lovin your blog :) and your buttons!

  4. Just saw your comment...defiantly interested!!!

  5. Ya girl that would be great! Just email it to me at so its not all over the blog world :) thanks so much girl!!

  6. okay! i freaking love those!! i'm so glad you used that picture! you're just the cutest thing ever.