Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ragnar Wasatch Back




Here is how my weekend went down in a nutshell
Wednesday flew to Utah.
Thursday hungout with friends and family.
Friday Ragnar Began
- The race started at 6 am but my van didnt start till 1:00 pm
- 3:00 pm ran my first leg. (Kicked my butt might I add.)
- Our van finished up with our 6 runners and van 1 then began
- Drove to the exchange place and tried to get some sleep. Umm yeah, wasn't quite happening..... :)

(This is what happens when your teammates are trying to sleep and then someone crazy gets unexpected energy!)
- 10:00 my van began running our second leg
- 2:00 am I ran my second leg down a highway in pitch black
while it being 41 degrees outside. Burr!
- 4:30 am our van was done with our second leg and drove to a school to get some sleep where we paid $2.00 to sleep on a gym floor filled with hundreds of runners.
- Slept from 5:30-7:00 am
- 7:30 got on the road again and began our last leg, yipee!
- 1:00 pm ran my last leg of the race
- 4:30 pm team Running4Nie crosses the finish line.

Woah! Thats my experience in a nutshell. It honestly was such a blast, I miss it already. Working hard for something and training for it months in advance takes a lot of time and patience.

There was definietly days where I was so not in the mood to run and just wanted to sit and watch tv for once.

I had days where I put in a 12 hour work day and the last thing I wanted to do was go for a run. Blah.

I would have days where all I wanted to do was eat chocolate and sweets yet knew it would only slow me down.

Yes I am human. We all are!! That negativeness gets in all of our heads time and time again. But the thing I learned is that EVERYTHING we do is in our head. The mind is so powerful it is almost scary to think about. Everything you want and take action of doing comes from your that brain of yours. It is first created by thoughts. You can do absolutly anything you put your mind to. Yes, it may not be easy but you are able to conquor ANYTHING you set out to do. Anything. Enjoy life, reach your greatest potential. Imagine it, and do it.

Being in a van with people you love and know is fun. Yet, knowing you are all working toward the same goal and are wanting each teammate to do just as good as yourself brings you all so much closer. While running, your van follows you. They will drive ahead and then wait for you to pass to make sure your ok and safe. As soon as you pass them they are screaming and cheering for you, giving you that extra strength you need to keep going. The Ragnar made me remember how much I love team work and how it truly should be a quality in our every day life. Everything we do should consist of working together with someone whether it be at work, at school, or even in a relationship. Team work consists of always encouraging others to keep going and to succeed. It really is what life is all about. It is one of Christ greatest attributes.

I miss my team already. I miss my van even more! Being with them for 2 days straight, not leaving eachothers side but to run your leg, makes you so much closer. You create a little family. Also having such a powerful reason to run this race makes it even more sentimental. We ran in honor of the sweet and wonderful, NieNie. What an amazing woman this lady this. I honestly cant even begin to describe how much impact she has had on my life. I am in awe of her courage and strength. We had the privilege of running in honour of Stephanie. Nienie ran this exact race previous to her accident. She knows the intensity of it and the teamwork it entails. All of us in our hearts had Stephanie at the finish line waiting for us to cross. We had a team name and tried to honor it as best as we could. Truly what an experience it was to do it for her.
I love you Mrs. Nielson.

I feel as though words can't describe my experience. I know that sounds super lame because come on now Lex, it was just a measly little race. But really to me it wasn't. It was hard. I am still sore. I didnt sleep for 38 hours and ran almost a marathon in between that time. It takes so much effort and I feel so accomplished for doing it. I loved it. I would do it again in a heart beat. However, I learned so much more during this race then just learning to run. I learned that you must be prepared. Being prepared mentally and physically. Life has so many ups and downs and you must be prepared for it spiritually, emotionally and physically. Always being ready is what we are taught and I have never had such a firm belief of that. In life we must be willing and ready to take on whatever comes our way. Life isn't always fun and great, yet if we want it to be, then it can. It is all in how we look at it.

Attitude creates who we are.

Team work is what life is all about.

Wanting others to succeed defines our character.

Now who is up for a Ragnar in Las Vegas...? :)

Ps to read more in detail about the race go here.


  1. that sounds like so much fun! way to go! :)

    p.s. -- i'm getting you your jewelry from my giveaway! it's been sitting in my car and i just keep forgetting to drop it by! sorry!

  2. That was amazing.... what a wonderful thing to do for an extraordinary person. Congrats on a great race!

  3. i don't know why this makes me teary.

    i'm proud of you sister.

    you inspire me.

    love you ∞

  4. you are amazing lex. it is so so neat to see you accomplish your goals. you are so determined. what a great woman you are. im proud to know you, and love you. mwah!

  5. amazing! lex you are so inspiring and motivating. i love you and absolutely adore everything about you. ♥

  6. i will do it, when is it. but i think the az one next year my be a little easier to work for me. but i hear you guys might be doing so mini iron mans, i wan tot do that with you, it sounds fun. I am so proud of you!!!! I cant imagine the feelings you had as you finished. great job speedy!!!!!

  7. What a great post. THat is so neat that you were able to be in that race. What a great life experience Im sure.

    I've never seen that video before... I just finished it though and I can't get the tears to stop!! WOW! THanks for posting ... it's inspirational :)

    youre adorable! I hope things are going well...(i remember what we talked about at the wright house...i'm sure you're doing great!)

  8. LExi, I am very stirred by what I just read and saw. You have turned out to be one amazing girl.
    I feel blessed to know you. Lori is one blesst Momma. Love you keep up all your good work. I will continue to read this post! It makes me feel very lucky and that the Lord is indeed watching over me. Thanks, Lexi!

  9. Loved your post. The Ragnar was awesome! Only wish Van 1 and Van 2 could spend more time together. . . Totally doing the Del Sol Ragnar in February!