Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jump start your summer.

Well you asked for it so here it is. This is not taking place of my tuesday tip day. It is something that has simply been on my mind because all you lovely people sparked the idea. I am going to enlighten you with some ideas as for how to help you stay healthy this summer.

--I was sent an email from good o'le doctor oz who told me about loosing weight in the summer. He states that due to increased sunlight it is easier to lose weight. Increased sunlight = increaded seratonin levels. Increased seratonin can decrease the amount of food that people want to eat. He also says that most people want to eat less when it is hot. Bringing the light in will reduce your appetite. Pretty crazy huh? Think about it for a second..if it is blazing hot outside and you are in your nice cool house and have bright sunlight shining through, are you craving a heavy plate consisting of lots of meat and hot potatoes? Yeah, me either. You crave a good drink, a yummy salad, or a light sandwich. So open the blinds and bring that light in!!

(K I know this is Christmas decorated, but I love how you can almost feel the sunlight coming through. Plus it makes me excited for Christmas!!)

--Now, most important..Water, water, water! With it being so darn hot outside now, your body will start to lose water and sodium in the form of sweat. Keep a bottle of water with you ALWAYS! Wherever you go, have it with you. They make bottles for a reason. It is very functional. Always have one with you so that you have easy access to keeping your body hydrated. Also when you are at a restuarant, have the mindset that you are going to get 3 refills on your cup during the course of your meal. If you are drinking your water, you're not eating. Plus it is giving you more water which should be all of our best friends. Drinking a lot of water is hard at first but work on it. We all have room for improvements. Make it a priority to drink more of it. It is a calorie free friend! :)

--Fruits and vegetables aid in weightloss. I know you hear it all the time "Eat more fruits and vegetables!!!" But really it is key. It will help you to stay full and will help balance your body. It is an essential nutrient for your body. Try this..Instead of flowers on your center table, replace it with a bowl of fruits. That will cause you to see it, making it more likely for you to eat it. Some important fat burning summer foods to consider are: Broccoli, Asparagus, Cucumbers, and peaches.

--Now.. this is crazy so listen up. A study was done and found that using a colored plate verses a transparent container to eat off of causes the person to eat less. A wopping 71% more food was eaten from the tranparent container. CRAZY! The color also does something to your mind. It makes you feel more satisfied. So bloggers, go buy yourself some new cute, bright, summery plates to enjoy your food on. Sounds like a good excuse for me to shop :). But really try it for yourself.

1. Anthropologie- Latte bowls- $30.00

2. Anthropologie- Verdant Acres Dinnerware- $10.00-$16.00

--Avoid real salty foods. Salt absorbs water, therefore eating salty foods causes you to swell. Being that it is summer, swelling it far from what we want. If you are planning a trip to the beach and are gunna be wearing a cute new suit, give yourself at least a week of preparation time on your diet. Avoid the salty foods to help your body not hold onto all that water weight. We want you lookin good for the beach!

We want to look like this:
1.Urbanoutfitters-Pins and needles polka dot V-neck one piece- $78.00

2.Urbanoutfitters-Billabong runway ruffle one piece- $120.00

3.Urbanoutfitters- BDG Henley One Piece- $88.00

Not this:
(Swollen belly. Blahh.)
--We all love treats. I am queen of them! So instead of going to cold stone and ranking in the calories and fat from ice cream, go and get frozen yogurt. Most places you go are going to be fat free and have much fewer calories then regular ice cream. Score! And to be quite honest, I would much rather prefer frozen yogurt then ice cream. Some yummy places to try are:

1. Yogurtland- (My fav)

2. Good o'le Mesa Fro Yo

3. Mojo's

4. Golden Spoon

5. Ocean Blue
(Each one is linked to it's website if you are interested in locations or menu items)

--Wear fitted clothes. Wear clothes that actually fit snuggly. It is a mindless way to keep you reaching your goals you have set out. It is a big reminder that you never want to feel stuffed after a meal. Wearing fitted clothes will make you want to eat light so you can keep feeling good in your nicely fitted outfit.

(Research shows that those who wear scrubs are more prone to gain weight because of the loose fitting feel.Interesting.)

--Eat breakfast! Breakfast is one of the BIGGEST essentials! After sleeping all night, your body needs something to wake it up and start your metabolism. I used to not be a breakfast eater at all. Now I wake up excited to eat!! If breakfast is hard for you to eat, then keep it light. Grab some fruit. But the key to breakfast is to eat something with protein. Protein will keep you fuller longer and will also give you energy to work off of. Some yummy breakfast ideas can include:

1.My number one favorite- Chocoloate/Peanut Butter Special K Protein Bar. (Meal replacement)

2. Oatmeal with some flaxseed, then add blueberrys and sliced almonds

3. Yogurt with berries and granola (mmm)

4. Grapefruit with whole wheat toast with some peanut butter on it (adding that protein!)

5.Cottage cheese and fruit
All of these breakfast ideas may help you in the direction that you are wanting to head in. Sometimes all you need is something written out for you to follow in order to keep on track.

Well bloggers, thats all for now. These are simple ideas to try and do while still handling your busy lives. Diets don't work. It is all about life changes. Here's a start to a better summer YOU!


Information was found from-
Heather Baurer- RD
Dr. Oz
Nutrition courses taken in College

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  1. I just love this post! I want to pick apart your brain and find out more ideas :)

  2. Love it, thank you! The outfit one for me is BIG. I always try to wear fitted clothes although when I was prego with Brody I worked at a pediatrics office and had to wear scrubs- Mon-Fri 7am-6pm! So... I was really worried about weight gain! I think because I was conscious about it though is why I didn't- I made sure not to let myself go! (:

  3. This was some great advice Lex. I am excited to try out some of these ideas!

  4. Lex- your blog is adorable and these are awesome tips! Especially the one about the fitted clothes- it is so true!! Oh and you've inspired me to update my blog more often ha ha!

  5. Your so smart Lex! I actually just bought the Special K bars off a whim and their delightful! I really wish I could wear more fitted clothes but my belly is a danger hazard- If I turn a corner too fast, I'll take out some poor childs eye!-- BUT IM WORKING ON IT!!

  6. I LOVE this. Seriously your blog is bomb. Can we be blog friends please?

  7. i love this miss thang! you are so smart and healthy. i love it. i love love love special k! well the protein and granola bars! yummmay!

  8. Lexi -- is it totally weird that I love your blog?! I love that you're so healthy -- I wish I was better at that!! (um, the scrubs thing is SO TRUE, btw) You are a beautiful writer!!

  9. i saw your comment via christine's blog. and i died. therefore i am here loving your blog and you. thats all.